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Yogic Chai said

Steepsters, I need help accessing this site with mobile

I was wondering if there is an app or a mobile friendly way that would allowed me to read the forum other than going thru the browser?

I spend very little time in front of a desktop. Just wondering, do you access Steepster with mobile or desktop? if mobile, do you just use the browser or have you found a mobile friendlier way?



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momo said

When on my phone, I just use the browser, I use Dolphin and I really don’t have any problems. I usually hold my phone horizontally and increase the text size a little bit and it adjusts so I don’t have to scroll side to side. It’s not ideal but I don’t mind it at all.

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Cavocorax said

I use my phone most of the time as well. It’s not ideal, but it works. I just zoom in and out as needed.

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Yogic Chai said

Maybe its my browser. I’ve been using Chrome for a while but I will give Dolphin a try and see. I really like the TapATalk app for forums. Would be ideal that it worked with steepster.

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Ramvling said

I just use my phone’s browser, and I haven’t had a problem either. Some sort of mobile site would be nice at some point though.

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I use a 3G android tablet (very phone-like in operation) to access the site and use two browsers. I use Opera Mini to keep down my data usage while browsing in general and for the discussion group. It can occaisionally becomes problematic – usually during peak periods. Then use a swapper to seamlessly move to the standard browser.

While not relevant for this site but perhaps of interest. If I want to make a purchase on line I use the standard browser as Opera Mini is often problematic through the checkout process. I do my browsing with it because it greatly reduces data usage. then I swap for the transaction.

Have heard many nice things about Dolphin, but data sparing is not among them.

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Kaylee said

I use the standard browser on my droid to read the site, but it’s not so great for writing posts – especially longer ones, because it won’t show all the text no matter how I scroll or zoom out.

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Jason admin said

We unfortunately, don’t have a native mobile app. And the site was developed well before responsive development practices became popular, so it’s pretty wonky on mobile right now. We’re hoping to be able to develop a mobile optimized site or mobile app soon though.

lcg842 said

I can’t wait to have a mobile optimized site or mobile app soon!!! I also don’t spend a lot of time in front of a laptop or desktop computer, so this development would be great! :)

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Yogic Chai said

Thank you Jason! I bet people will interact more with the discussions if it was easier to participate with mobile. I’m not sure what it takes to have a blog/forum listed on TapATalk app but its an awesome app for accessing forums with your phone. Adagio’s Tea Chat can be found there. Look into it. Most likely cheaper than developing your own app. I will say that I did follow the suggestions from others above on using different browser and that has made it a bit better for me :)

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