Samusb said

Mariage Freres in the US

I love Mariage Freres, especially their glass-jarred cold-brew iced summer teas which are brilliant. Unfortunately I’ve never seen them in the States, only Paris. Has anyone ever come across these in the US or online? The Mariage site has them, but between the tea and shipping it would be 65 euros for a single jar. Almost worth it, but not quite.

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Dan said

Williams-Sonoma carries a few kinds in their stores and Dean and Deluca carries most of their line online.

Samusb said

Sorry I actually meant specifically the French summer iced teas. I’ve seen the Dean & Deluca selection but they really only seem to have the blacks. The one overlap is the green Casablanca which is one of the iced teas and DD sells in a set of three greens.

Garrett said

I was just wondering about this too!

I’ve really been wanting to buy some Marco Polo and Sakura The Blanc lately, but have had no idea where to get them from. I’ve been on Mariage Freres’ website, but everything is in euros and I’d have no idea how to order them with my payment methods….

I know this was updated a long time ago.. but I’m on the hunt for a specific rooibos tea by Mariage Freres. I’ve had no luck with W&S or D&D. Should I just settle on ordering directly from France or does anyone know of another website that sells MF rooibos blends?

There is that sells the MF rooibos tea. It’s mixed in with the other tea. I’ve never purchased anything from them, but I did a search for the company on and no reports came up.

Thank you! I will take a peek there to see. :) I appreciate it!

Mel said

I know of this place, though I never been there. It’s in Chicago, and I heard they were closing their shop in May. I wasn’t sure is they are closing the online shop though.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been wanting to try these teas for years. I just placed an order with Porte Rouge. The store has a Facebook fan page that was updated as recently as December, so I think it’s likely to still be doing business. You can purchase a tin and fill it with the tea of your choice for $19.75, which seems reasonable given that other retailers charge $22 or more. Shipping was just over $8. Fingers crossed!

Ricky admin said

Darn, I can’t seem to find the rooibos “Fall in Love” tea anywhere.

You could always order the rooibos “Fall in Love” tea directly from Mariage Frères. The cost of the tea is 20 Euros with shipping to the US, it would cost 43.28 Euros (about $58.) How big is your craving?

LauraR said

Try the Cultured Cup!

Jillian said


Mel said

Oh, this is a great recommendation! I like the fact you can buy 1oz, since I don’t know how most of them taste. Decent prices.

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