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Ever made grain teas (roasted barley, corn, buckwheat, etc...)?

I was at H-Mart today and bought a bunch of Korean grain teas that I thought were in small bagged tea sizes. When I got home, turns out I bought bought some that come in large bags that I think are meant to make a huge batch. I think I’ll cut the bags open to make smaller amounts. Does anyone have any experience making these kinds of teas? What are the steeping parameters (how much per cup, temp, time)? I have no idea what I’m doing! I’ll probably just start experimenting to see what works but if anyone has any suggestions so I can start off in the right direction that would be awesome.

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Anyanka said

I just commented on your tasting note! I can be sort of almost helpful. I bought roasted barley tea recently, and it came in massive bags and said to use a lot of water. I did, and it was weak and quite un-delicious, so next time I plan on being a rebel and brewing one big bag to a smallish 4 cup teapot instead. Mine said to use boiling water and steep for ten minutes.

I drink corn tea, but I’ve never prepared it myself.

Thanks! Mine have absolutely no english. Just pictures of the grain :-)

So maybe I’ll bust 1 bag in half and make a mugful and see what happens. I bought barley, corn, and buckwheat. The barely and corn smell amazing. The buckwheat I’m not so sure about.


Anyanka said

They’re probably intended for a quart.

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1/4 cup barely to 3 cups water was my ratio

Oh perfect! Thanks!!!!

The grains were whole and not crushed BTW

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The barley teas (mugicha) that come in boxes with teabag like paper pouches are for brewing either in the refrigerator or with boiling water, though I usually put them in the fridge overnight. usually it’s one pouch for 2 liters. Somehow I can never get it to have the wonderful taste of barley tea that comes in large 2 Liter plastic bottles.

I’ve had even worse results with the corn tea bags. But a few weeks ago I bought a bag of loose roasted corn for tea and it was wonderful. Easy to make too. Just put a cup of corn tea kernels in a pot with 2 liters of water (or half or a quarter of both) bring to a boil and let stand for 10 minutes. Buttery corn-y tasting in a way that’s hard to describe if you’ve never drunk it.

I saw the big bags of roasted grains, but wasn’t sure what to do with them, thought the bags would individual bags would be easier. Oops! I should have gotten those instead. Next time!

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Dustin said

I recently had a drink at Bird Pick Tea & Herb called Saigon Symphony. It was a combo of barley, rooibos, cinnamon and milk. It was pretty tasty!

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