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Who knows much about clay teapots? (Thrift shop teapot)

I bought this teapot for five dollars at a thrift shop, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it from these high resolution photos.


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OMG jealous! Just based on the shape it’s a Japanese Kyusu

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tperez said

Awesome find! Definitely Japanese/Japanese style. It looks pretty old and well loved, and from the tool marks it looks like its handmade.

It’s unglazed clay (maybe banco?), so you should probably use it only for one type of tea (Japanese greens would make the most sense) How big is it?

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I do not know much about these clay teapots, but I did gather that it was Japanese in style, due to the side handle, and the calligraphy seemed to be Japanese, but the stamp seems to be in Chinese?

Also, the color is a lovely purplish-brown as I’ve seen many Yixing, or Yixing-style pots, but in a couple of the rough extrusion spots it is red like my other yixing pot. I am remaining skeptical on the quality until someone can assure me otherwise.

@tperez It is a bit bigger than my four ounce yixing, maybe it could hold eight to ten ounces.

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Oh, that is beautiful. I know nothing about teapots, but I sure love thrift stores. Great find!

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Lynxiebrat said

Well for 5 bucks, a pretty good find regardless of the quality.

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I guess, I’m just wondering if this is a mass-produced fake with the potential of being constructed from unsuitable, unsafe materials; particularly the fact that I can see a different color on the little variation-extrusions.

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Sammerz314 said

Seems to be a Kyusu. Interesting find.

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So, I found another two teapots at the same thrift shop today. One is the same teapot as the other, but all the calligraphy is slightly different, as would be expected with something done by hand. The other is different entirely. It has a bamboo-sculpted spout and handle. The calligraphy on that pot is lighter than the rest of the pot.


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Here is the chinese on the inside of the lid.


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mrmopar said

I am sorry. You should send them to me with the ten you spent to take them off your hands. They are supernice!

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