teajoteas said

What's your ideal quantity when buying tea? 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., etc.?

I’m revisiting our sizes to see if changing anything would make sense, both for us and for you. Right now, we carry a (1) sample size – 10 cups and a (2) 2 oz. size – 25 cups.

If you could choose, what would be your ideal size?



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1oz is probably the most common and preferred size I buy. I may go to 2oz if it’s a killer deal or if I know I like that tea. Teas that I want as permanent stock I stick around 2oz. I used to buy 4oz, but I have so much teas it is hard for me to get through 4oz!

Though, sometimes with heavier teas, like a fruit herbal, I’ll sample it at 2oz.

For smaller sample sizes, I’m happy with 3-5 cups.

I prefer smaller sizes too since I like to drink a variety of teas. 1oz at a time is ideal for me!

James R said

Usually when trying for the first time 2 oz, if I really like it or if its a cheaper priced tea then 4 oz.

momo said

I prefer 1 oz for finding out if I like something and then I’d buy more if I get it again in the future, likely just 2 oz unless I REALLY like it or as Awkward Soul said, it’s something heavier. I’d be happy picking up 2 oz of something I like, but say it was a fruit tea, I’d go for 4 oz easily.

Lala said

I like small sample sizes if it is something I haven’t tried before, 0.5 to 1 oz. It is hard to by 2 oz of something if you have never tried it before. I generally buy teas I like in 2 or 4 oz sizes. If it is a tea I love and that I drink a lot, I have bought as much as 1 lbs at a time.

For a sample, 0.5 to 1 ounce. If I really liked it, then usually 2 ounces.

1oz is nice to try and 2 if I know I love it!

Cavocorax said

1oz is my preferred size when buying, and then when I re-buy I’ll either pick up 1-2oz depending on how much I like it and how fast I’ll drink through it!

I guess right now your samples are so big they must be fairly close to an ounce. (I didn’t realise that they were that big!)

Dag Wedin said

50 or 100grams (2-3oz?) for teas i´ve tasted and like.
Prefer to try samples of others.

Katiek said

For a staple in my tea closet, 4 oz. That’s limited to about 2 or 3 absolute favorites. For a tea in “ordinary rotation” – one that I know I like but that isn’t an “essential” – 2 oz. I have a lot of these so I don’t want to stick with one for too long since i enjoy the variety.

For a new tea that I haven’t tried before but sounds intriguing, 1 oz.

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