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Share Your Tea Blends Thread

Hey there! Are you currently drinking more than one of your teas together at the same time? Do you have a great recipe for a blend of two or more things in your cabinet? Post about it here.

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Ubacat said

I found this thread when searching about homemade tea blends. Found this on you tube:


And then there was this webpage:


Some of them sound interesting. Teavanna has some of theirs that can be blended together too. I don’t have any Teavanna teas but it could be used as a base of what to mix together.

Lemon Verbena sounds like a really nice herb to add to some basic teas to get a different flavour.

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DaisyChubb said

I lovemixing my Ruby Pie from Butiki with Strawberry Rhubarb from DavidsTea – the Ruby adds the graham flavour and tea base, while the SR is a herbal, so lots of tartness! I love them together.

Also, when I still had a rose tea, I would mix it with any chocolate and strawberry teas to make a blend reminiscent of David’s Love Tea #7, it always turned out good, and you could change the blend depending on what you were craving!

Ubacat said

Sounds great! I don’t have those teas but it does give me ideas for my existing one.

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arichard said

One of my everyday blends is keemun black, plain oolong (an oxidized one), and vanilla rooibos. It resteeps really well and jazzes up the plain oolong. I use Touch Organic Black looseleaf, Stash YMY Oolong, and Adagio vanilla rooibos.

Ubacat said

Interesting! What temperature do you steep it with 3 different teas in there?

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Here’s one I just made: boil in a pot fresh ginger, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon stick pieces, and chamomile for about 5-7 mins. Remove from heat and steep an Indian black tea for 3 mins. Add almond milk and sugar. Boom. Book time chai.

Ubacat said

Mmmm Sounds delicious. I don’t suppose you have measurements for the spices and chamomile? I never had almond milk with my tea before. I drink it all the time but just never added it to tea.

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