Tea Buying Hiatus Support Group

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Does going to a tearoom count? I sat and drank some Yunnan Gold because gaiwan practice. The tea was good, and it was fun.

No! You’re not allowed to have fun >:[

looseTman said

Today, I began to read this 1100 reply thread for the first time …
(Oh no, is this malady potentially in my future? :-o)
… and I began to see certain … “patterns” …
and instantly certain “aliases” began to come to mind for the
Tea Buying Hiatus Support Group:
Tea Buying Rationalization Support Group
“There’s no such thing as too much tea” Support Group
“My Friend” Has a Problem Buying Tea Support Group
Tea Buying Denial Support Group
How to Hide Your Tea Buying Support Group
How to come Out of the Cupboard Tea Buying Support Group
Tea Buying Strategy Support Group
Maximizing Tea Buying Support Group

Haha!!! Very good support system looseTman ;-)

Now how is it that I can relate to ALL of them??? :-o

looseTman said

Including the “special” elite leadership group? …
Contributing to the Delinquency of New Members Support Group

yyz said


You forgot one… It’s Okay, I’m Only Buying Samples Support Group.

looseTman said

Good one!

How bout the classic “oh, I can quit if I really want to” support group?

looseTman said

- Searching for the Biggest Tea Sales Support Group
- Planning for Black Friday / Cyber Monday Tea Sales Support Group
- Your Ok, I’m Ok Tea Buying Support Group

You’re* (It’s for hoarding, doesn’t count support group)

looseTman said

TTF – Definitely a Classic!

looseTman said

Tea Hoarders R US Support Group

All I did was create this thread! I find it highly amusing that it’s continued for so long xD

“One person’s hoarding problem is another person’s treasured collection” support group

Anlina said

Oh god, I need to stop. I just got an email about an order that I placed and then forgot about until I got the email. I don’t even know what’s coming in the mail any more. I think I may have a problem.

I know I’ll probably continue to justify buying stuff (sales! limited edition! splitting an order!) but I need to reign myself in at least a little bit. I think I have three, maybe four packages of tea coming in the mail and then one piece of tea ware. And who knows what else I may have forgotten.

Ubacat said

I know what you mean. I’m in the same boat. I wish I had some advice for you….

Anlina said

I suck. I’ve gone tea shopping twice since I last posted. I did manage to not buy more than 12g of anything, except for one tea I had on my wishlist, so I guess there’s that. And a couple of the teas I bought were to replace teas that had been stored poorly and lost their flavour. Weak, weak justifications, and I know it.

Dr Jim said

Instead of going on-line, try shopping in your current collection. Look for teas you’ve forgotten about, or try drinking themes (oolong, flavored, etc.) on different days. I set a goal of drinking a single cup of every tea I owned – it took over a month and was a lot of fun. Travelling tea boxes are another great way to try new teas without buying them. Don’t rely on will power alone: distract yourself!

Anlina said

That’s a really good tip. I’m also a nail polish collector and “shop your stash” is a pretty common tip in those communities too, when it comes to buying too much.

I’ve been working on trying everything I own, and I’ve been making pretty good headway on that – I’ve drank about 100 different teas over the last month. :)

Distractions are good.

Ubacat said

Now this may seem strange to you but what has helped me is meditation & yoga. Yes, meditation. Buying too much, whether it’s tea or anything is else has got to do with our racing mind. When you meditate (and I do yoga while I meditate), you calm down. It also lets you appreciate each cup of tea you brew. Make it about quality instead of quantity.

Anlina said

Mmm, it’s been a while since I’ve regularly done yoga, but I did find it helpful for a whole array of different things. Maybe it’s time to go back.

Ubacat said

Hope it helps! To feel the calming effect, you have to concentrate on the breathing when doing the movements.

I hit a milestone: It’s been a little more than a month since my last purchase, which was Mandala’s shu sampler.

I got some unexpected moneys, so I ordered some Indian black teas from Butiki.

Christina said

After making a single RiverTea order on Sept 1st to take advantage of a coupon and a 15% discount, I’ve decided to hop back on the tea hiatus bandwagon. I’ve got a bunch of teas in my cupboard I still haven’t tried, and I want to wait until all the Black Friday sales happen. However, I probably will still buy some tea when I’m at the Canadian Coffee and Tea show at the end of the month…

Ubacat said

I was thinking of going too but afraid of what I might buy….

Lindsay said

Resurrecting this thread because I’m totally on a tea-buying hiatus right now (even though I strongly suspect it won’t last past Black Friday). :)

TheKesser said

I thought being pregnant would make it easy to not buy tea. There are so many restrictions around what a person should and shouldn’t drink when it comes to tea during this time. But I just keep thinking "oh I’ll drink it after the baby is born so thats ok. And I’m almost there anyway (due March 6) so no prob! Lol
I’m tea cupboard is getting ridiculous now. I’m working on drinking the safe ones down but it’s taking a long time, especially since I almost refused top drink tea until I knew more about the safe ones. Meh. I’m sure once the little one is here I’ll be able to drink my usual ones again and probably quite quickly as I’m sure I’ll need the caffeine.

Uniquity said

I’m sure you’re on it if you were that cautious while pregnant but if you’re nursing remember to check which ones are on the no-no list. I know some are meant to be good and some bad but since I’ve never been pregnant or nursing I can’t remember which, haha. I think it’s much the same list on both sides of the delivery day, with the exception of raspberry leaf which is to be avoided in first trimester but encouraged in third and while nursing.

yyz said

One I no to avoid right off the bat is Sage tea. Sage tea is used to help dry up your milk in some holistic medical traditions.

Nattie said

How have I only just discovered this thread?
I am currently on a hiatus which should last until my cupboard is down from treble figures to double figures. I have 195 sipdowns to go…

I am setting myself the challenge of at least one sipdown a day while I have one-cup samples left, more if I can, but I’ve recently broken the hiatus for Bluebird Autumn and Christmas limited edition teas, and a couple of Butiki orders since they’re closing. I have spent far too much on tea recently, so I’m back on the hiatus for as long as I can bear it. I am not even going to look at black Friday/cyber Monday sales, as I know I’ll cave if I do. I strongly suspect that I’ll still be on my mission this time next year. I’ll miss you, new tea ):

Stuff on the way – an order from 52teas, a 12 teas of Christmas set from 52teas, a Butiki order, a DAVIDsTEA advent calendar and parcel from Marzipan, and a package from WhatSheSaid.

I need all the help I can get!

With my big Verdant order I’m really supposed to be on hiatus now. Black Friday shall truly test my willpower.

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