New Tea App - My friend wants feedback!

Aloha, my friend is building out a tea app. She put together a visualization of the app and would like feedback. Please take a look and comment with your feedback. Do you understand the flow? Are the features what you want? Are there some features that are missing?

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Lala said

I think this is a very good and unique idea. I would personally use something like this to keep track of how what I have in my cupboard and the amount. But I like the idea of the app helping you choose which tea to drink.

Lala said

However, I dislike the idea of having to pay for in-app extras, or to open up more levels in the app. If you I am paying to purchase the app, I would like to get the whole app, not just parts of it.

Agree with Lala :)

Anyanka said

I agree. One time charge for the app, no in-app upgrades or ads. Also, reasonable privacy, no tea app needs a lot of access to my information.

smartfemme said

Hello dear tea lovers, I’m glad to announce you that the version 0.5 of Smartea app is now available for download on Google Play Store! Cheers and thanks for the support!

done :)

Courtney said

I second Lala. I would love something to keep track of the amounts in my cupboard and sometimes I have so many teas to choose from it would be nice if I didn’t have to make the decision of which one to drink.

I would totally buy this! As long as it lets me input every tea in my collection so that’s what it was choosing from, which I assume would be the whole point

Also I hope the app stays as cute as that! Handwritten graphics would be adorable :) (not sure if that’s just the example though)

smartfemme said

Hello there! I want to thank all of you for answering and giving your feedback, it’s very important and helpful for us. We’re working hard to soon let you know good news about the app. Happy day! :)

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