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Artp said

Traveling tea infuser mug- Recommendations?

Alright, I’ve owned two travel infusers so far…

1) The Libre: My first, and I absolutely loved it. I LOVED that it’s clear, so you can see your tea, and I like the build. But I dropped it just ONCE and it shattered, so that’s a serious issue.

2) The DavidsTea Timolino: My current one. I like that it keeps tea scalding for hours, and I like that I can drop it and it takes a hit. However, i hate that it’s not machine wash-able, and I’m finding that I made vanilla mint in there 2 days in a row and now everything-EVERYTHING- I put in it has a weird minty taste. I’ve had it since october. Also, I lost the brew basket (tragic) and when i tried to replace it in-store they told me I had to order one online. Which means $4.50 for the basket, then $5 for shipping + tax, almost $10 just for a part.

I’m looking for something practical and durable, but style points are a plus, and if it keeps tea hot for 17years, we can be best friends.

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Lala said

Most likely what’s happening in the timolino is the flavour has permeated into the plastic lid. Try soaking it in a vinegary water solution and that should help.

Artp said

Awesome! Thanks

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Just throwing this out there but i am developing a new traveling tea tumbler it will be going on Kickstarter very soon, i’m designing it to hit everyone of your points plus more. Currently going through designing it to be made of a durable glass (so it can be dropped and not brake) instead of a BPA free plastic.


How come I never see travel cups that are stainless steel with a glass lining? That’s what would make the most sense to me from my non-engineer brain, heh.

Dinosara said

Can’t wait for this!

Dustin said

Yeah, hurry up on that already, would ya?! I want three of them! :)

that sounds AMAZING

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Katiek said

I use my timolino most of all, but at various times I’ve also used the Trudeau Tea Mendous Tumbler, and the Copco Tea Thermal – but they both have some plastic as well.

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Aladdin makes a tea infuser mug that allows you to bring the steeping mechanism out of the water and into the lid the The Tea Merchant’s if you just can’t wait until that one is finalized.

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Dinosara said

A few points on the Aladdin travel mug, which I have had for probably a year now.

1. The infuser is about the size of a tea ball, so it is small and I only really want to brew black teas or some greens with it. I actually hate this tea ball style infuser so I lately I’ve been brewing my tea regularly in it, then discarding the leaves and using it to carry the tea around.

2. It is all plastic and it holds onto smells well. You have to clean it very thoroughly to get them out, and mine is getting to the point where I am not sure it is going to let go of some of them anymore.

3. It doesn’t really keep teas hot for long. The double walled plastic really allows a lot of escaping heat, and I end up finishing most of my teas once they are cold already.

Hikari said

How long does it hold heat for approximately? I was looking into those but was hesitant because of that.

Dinosara said

Hmm, probably a couple of hours? Not more than two, I think. I feel like when I first brew the tea and have it all sealed up it stays hot for a while, but as soon as I pop the lid to drink it starts cooling down quickly, even when I reseal it after drinking.

Hikari said

Thanks! It seems you can’t really get good insulation with these plastic tumblers…guess I’ll stick to “brewing then dumping tea into thermos” method until something better comes up

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I’m not a big fan of these but have a pretty good one from Liquid Solution called the Tea zer. It’s got a pretty decent sized removable brew basket and two different sized sipping holes, one on each side, which keep out any size leaves. 10 oz double walled insulated with a key ring to attach for hiking etc.

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I have not used the infuser version of this Thermos mug:


…but I have used the non-infuser version and it’s simply awesome. I just posted a review of it here:

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