Zeks said

Teavivre transparent double walled cups - warning.

Around 3 hrs ago, I’ve heard a loud “pop” sound in my room, but failed to identify the source (then). Just now, I tried to drink from the cup and noticed liquid not pouring into my mouth.

As I investigated, I was astounded to find that the inner wall of the cup has imploded and a lot of liquid with glass shards is floating in “in-between” section. I hope I didn’t drink glass and taht it was contained in between the walls, but cannot guarantee it…

Due to the way cups are constructed it is near impossible to notice that the wall has broken unless you already know tehre is something wrong, be warned!

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Chizakura said

Yikes, that’s scary. Thanks for the headsup. If you feel any pain at all, be sure to rush yourself to the doctor.

Zeks said

And I feel some discomfort in the throat…. >_

Chizakura said

I’d go then. It could be paranoia, but it’s not worth the risk.

Zeks said

Good old fashioned paranoia is what keeps you safe and well… usually :)

Uniquity said

I have had a double walled cup break before but I definitely noticed as I always have to check the inside for cat hairs, etc. If there is any possibility you swallowed glass, get checked out. Much better to take care of it earlier than later.

Zeks said

Just returned from the hospital, they say my blood shows no indication of internal bleeding, yet… I will have to go tehre again tomorrow.

Tbh, I am afraid I do not feel like I havent swallowed some. There are some light but strange flashes of pain

Zeks said

I’ll try to update this post tomorrow evening and if I don’t – then this means I’m likely in the hospital and someone, for gods sake, needs to make Teavivre stop selling these.

Wow Zeks! I hope you’re ok.
I also have these cups (we call them jello shot cups), but we rarely drink out of them because they are so small. Now I will probably be even less likely to drink out of them. Thanks for the heads up. Keep us posted!

Yikes! So sorry to hear. What do you think the reason was for the glass imploding? Was it near something very hot? Maybe a large temperature shift? I have the same cups, so it’s good to know. I hope you receive a clean bill of health tomorrow!

Zeks said

The cup was just standing there empty when it went “pop”(Although I do not really remember if it had liquid in it actually, just feel like lit was empty then) . I suspect the glass it was constructed from was not of very high quality or that whoever designed the cup did not calculate how it will react to prolonged exposure of low pressure between walls.

Angrboda said

Could also be a weak point in the glass, like a microscopic crack or similar.

Zeks said

Went to the hospital again, the blood so far is normal even though I feel some pains in the tummy… I hope it’s either nervousness, or whatever that is, passes naturaly.

Zeks said
sandra said

I am sorry this has happend to you. I don’t take sides, but this has happend to me with a similar glass I bought locally. I took it back and they told me it happens. It’s a production thing, and it could happen to any double-walled cups on the market.
would contact Teavivre though and told me about your experience, so that they can double plus check their stock.

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