What do you do when you travel, go on vacation or take a cruise? How do you take your ‘teas’ along? Do you bag them for convenience? What?


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takgoti said

I can’t say that I’ve ever taken tea with me when I’m traveling, except a few times that I’ve driven up to the beach. I see going places as an opportunity to try something new, I suppose. Plus, some oolongs can suspiciously look like…other substances. I can just see it playing out in the middle of the airport, Ben Stiller fashion.

But a cruise would be a whole different ball game. Anywhere semi-isolated I think I’d seriously consider bringing tea. Someone get me a ticket on a cruiseline, and then I’ll be able to tell you what I’d do.

kat said

Haha Takgoti! Yeah for me I take them with my ingenuitea easy steeper. I just bag up a few fave kinds and pack em right in with my clothes. I have to because nothing compares to good quality loose leaf now that I’m spoiled with it.

Angrboda said

I tend not to bring food and drink with me when travelling anywhere. I’ll take what they’ve got where I’m going. If it turns out I don’t want whichever tea is available, there is always something else to drink.

I once brought three teas and two pots with me when going to stay with my parents for a weekend or a holiday or some such, but that was with the purpose of letting my mother taste them. so I’m not really sure if that counts? I just brought the whole tin.

Marie said

Depends on where I’m traveling. On trips to Spain I’ll pack a big stash of my favorite breakfast loose leaf tea in a container in my suitcase. If I’m on a British airline, I don’t have to worry because they regularly serve black tea during breaks and after meals. Sometimes I’ll put my favorite blend into a 2-cup T-sac non-bleached bag. If I’m going to a restaurant or to a friends place.

Cofftea said

I tend to drink whatever tea is available if it is served, even if it’s the cheap bagged stuff. The ingenuiTEA is great for drinking tea in a hotel room, but isn’t condusive to being carried w/ you. Getting the correct temp can be a beast so bring a very small hot plate if at all possible so you don’t have to resort to the microwave. I’m never w/o my CDN tea thermometer/timer when on vacation. I also bring tea bags that I can fill myself. I either prefill them or take loose tea in Adagio’s sample tins (I save a few after the tea is gone). If I don’t premeasure all of my tea (which is kinda hard going on vacation because you don’t know exactly how much you’ll drink), I bring my digital pocket scale.

Carolyn said

On our most recent trip to do research in archives I knew we’d be in a motel about an hour away from Chicago, so I packed tea for the morning and evening and brought along my tea kettle, tea strainer, and cup. I supplemented my own tea with tea I bought in Chicago at restaurants and one wonderful tea shop (Dream About Tea).

Cofftea said

I came home from vacation w/ plastic bags of dried spearmint, orange mint, and lemon verbena that I packed in my carry on. It would be OBVIOUS to know it wasn’t pot if you smelled it, but I was terrified they’d find it. They didn’t.

Jason admin said

Never felt the need to bring tea (or any food/drink for that matter) with me on vacation. I know the Republic of Tea offers most if not all of their teas in little travelers tins, like a little circular mint box. You can check them here:
This might be a good solution if you’re looking to just transport the tea, assuming you’re cool with tea bags. Cofftea’s rec of using the little sample tins that adagio sends out might work well too. If you’re looking to carry tea ware (pots, infusers) I’m not sure. Maybe just get a portable cup. We’ve featured a couple Mug/Infuser combos in Select and they might work. But the bottom line is, it’s probably fairly difficult to replicate your home tea drinking experience while traveling, unless you drop some money.

Carolyn said

We must be strange. Unless we are going somewhere we are confident will have vegan restaurants we always bring food with us. Vegan food is easier to find these days but still not universally available in restaurants and as one enters rural areas it becomes nearly impossible to find. When we drive across expanses of the midwest, midsouth, and interior west, we always pack a cooler filled with vegan food and an additional bag of food that doesn’t need to be kept cold. (Plus a list of restaurants we can eat at when and if we are in that area.) It is natural to add tea and tea acoutrements to the package.

After our last trip, my thoughts are mixed about bringing the kettle. I will definitely bring one or two tins of tea, a strainer, and a cup.

Cofftea said

I can totally understand that if you’re vegan or have a gluten allergy.

On my last vacation, an 18 day camping road trip, I brought small tins of about 10 of my “must have” teas, and paper tea filters. Boiled water on the camp stove and made tea at least once daily. I would have felt cheated if I had to rely on bagged tea alone. There is nothing better than being in my favorite place in the world, sipping on wonderful tea.

Cofftea said

That’s awesome! If you can have loose leaf tea camping, you can have tea anywhere!:)

Bravo you! I’ve never taken any tea to camping yet. I always love the view of camping, but often secretly feel nervous about it and wish I can carry a motel with me. To ease out the nervousness, I took brandy with me last time. Maybe tea is a better idea! :-o

Cofftea said

Gingko or brandTEA? ;)

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