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Keemun said

I usually take travelling as a excuse to go to the local tea shop/departmant store and try something new…most of the time I open the tin then right away, as soon as back in the hotel. I throw some leafs in a tall glass and make a brew. I don’t bring filters or anu utensils along. ( in regards of brewing methods w. loose leafs check out my dicussion topic ’ 3 Chinese infusion techniques’)…

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Cofftea said

Here’s a really cool article

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thanks to the internet and my needing to plan i stake out exactly what we will do each day of vacation (yelp, city search etc) so i know what tea places i wish to try and food places i wish to try

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Cait select said

I go to a lot of conventions where the point of the travel is not the place but the people gathered there and I used to travel for sports tournaments which were often in the middle of nowhere, so I don’t tend to focus on local tea opportunities! I throw some bagged tea in my suitcase so that I have something to drink in the hotel room in the morning, because all too often a hotel only provides bad coffee and Lipton.

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Nina said

I heard that tea in Angola was dire and expensive, so the first time I went my hand baggage contained only tea. Customs in Angola were a bit suspicious but I managed to convince them I was just a bit tea potty!

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Miss Sweet said

If I’m traveling overseas, I bring my box of paper filters and pick up loose leaf when I arrive. Otherwise just traveling within the country I bring my finum brewing basket, one or two 100g resealable bags of tea, and then I prebag some to keep in a small tin in my handbag.

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It really depends on where we’re going. When we went camping I brought along my tea ball, a couple sample-sized tins with loose tea, and my travel mug. When we were staying in a hotel and visiting relatives I brought all that as well as my small tetsubin and the china cup that I use most mornings at home. I actually didn’t use the pot much so I’ll probably leave that and the cup at home next time.

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When I need something special on vacation, if I can I have it shipped to where I am staying. Then it is there waiting on me. Anyone else do that?

never have done that, i am always afraid it’d arrive too early or late

getting it there just on time would be difficult I would shoot a day or two early. so far no problem.

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AJ said

I don’t go on vacation, but I do have a clear little zipper-bag (I got it as a Christmas present one year—it used to have some bath stuff in it that I dumped out) which I use for Travel Tea (or Commute Tea); tea that I bring with me to work or to my campus. I fill it with at least one of each bagged tea that I have that comes in those rip-open packages (like Twinings, and most of the main brands—Tazo, Stash), and then if I want to, I’ll throw in one or two sachets/bags of other teas (the ones that don’t come in ready rip-open bags, such as Harney and Son’s sachets, etcetera, you know what I mean). And then I have about four very tiny teatins which I fill with my favourite/most used teas, and those go in there too with a teaspoon and my thermometer.

And then I just either bring a ceramic mug, or my Libre. Huzzah! I also usually carry a good book with me everywhere.

I’ve always thought of getting a cheap ceramic pot-with-infuser to keep on campus (I paid ten whole dollars this semester to own a locker for the first time because my Textbook Count suddenly TRIPLED). Or maybe I’ll just keep a mug in there, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking in my backpack (although it hasn’t yet).

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Lynxiebrat said

I have not traveled since I got so tea crazy, but what I would probably do is: get travel size tins for couple of different teas, (All depending on how long the trip will take and where.) my electric kettle, (Even though it’s big and bulky, it’s handy to have for tea and other stuff. Though traveling by airplane….not sure if I would want to try and take it with me.) If there are a couple of places that serve tea nearby my destination, and I got the time to go, then I might be inclined to leave my tea at home.

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