Which tea companies offer free shipping?

I know NMTeaCo. offers free shipping on ANY order.
Also, Zoomdweebie’s (52Teas) does as well.
And DavidsTea does it if you spend $50.

Are there any others?

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Lala said

Teavivre, over $30.

TeaVivre said

Yes, for all Lala knows we do free worldwide shipping on orders over $30. We have all kinds of teas for you to choose.

Dag Wedin said

Only one i know is http://www.dragonteahouse.biz/

We have a free shipping sale! From now thru Tuesday April 30, receive FREE ground shipping on all orders of $25 or more, using promo code MAHA25FREESHIP at www.teabar.com! At this time, we ship to U.S. addresses only.

Do you guys have any organic Assams?

Hi GiggleGoddess, we have organic Assams:

Rembeng Organic TGFOP http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/indian-assam/rembeng-organic-tgfop.html
Banaspati Organic TGFOP http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/indian-assam/banaspati-organic-tgfop.html
Jonak Organic TGFOP http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/indian-assam/jonak-organic-tgfop.html

If you have any other questions or need any suggestions, just let us know!

I think the free shipping only includes the companies that don’t require a minimum. I usually only want a few samples, so I never qualify.

Yeah, that was my original intention but I figured if anybody knew ANY company offering free shipping whether a minimum was req’d or not I’d get a larger list. But I am mostly interested in companies that don’t require a minimum, ATM.

Uniquity said

I think Verdant is free shipping at $40 in North America.

We do free shipping at the $75 level.

We do free worldwide shipping on orders over £20/€28/$31

Plus 3 free tea samples with every order no matter how big it is!


teapot1 said

California Tea House

MelissaTea said

Sanctuary T http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/Offers Free Shipping on all orders Looks like free shipping ended. (updated 5/26/13)
(I’ve never orderd from them. I’ve contacted them twice to ask about some samples that are never in stock, but they’ve never emailed me back.)

Whispering Pines Tea Company http://whisperingpinestea.com/ has free shipping on samples and then $2.85 flat on regular orders. (Free shipping after $30.)

Chizakura said

Verdant also does for North America. I think the minimum was $40. It was for sure either $40 or $50, just can’t remember which.

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