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Gift ideas for mom (chai & rooibos tea lover)

Hi guys!

My mom is a big tea lover. She especially likes Chais and Rooibos teas; her favorites are Teavana’s Zanzibar Ginger, Cha Yen Thai, Adagio Vanilla Rooibos, and Teavanas Samarai Chai and Majaraja.

I want to get her some new tea for Mother’s Day. Any recs? I gave her David’s Coco Chai and Pumpkin Chai last year, and they were both big hits.


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I’ve heard many good things about http://www.yogicchai.com/ as they have award winning chais, I haven’t personally tried them yet.

For something a little different, http://www.steepcityteas.com/collections/black-tea has a sexy chai that has lavender in it. Very yummy!

http://www.52teas.com/ has a lemon meringue chai released this week, I’d get this one asap before it becomes out of stock.

Verdant Tea has an interesting looking chai too http://verdanttea.com/teas/chai-spice/ with saffron, elder berry and saffron. They also have a chai kit http://verdanttea.com/teas/chai-kit/

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AS – thank you! These are great recs!

What about spice mixtures that she could ADD to her tea? She likes a really strong cup, so I think that she might really like to add a spice mix to her Teavana Zanzibar Ginger Rooibos.

Any ideas for a good spice mix?

ah, I realized the Chai I mentioned from Verdant http://verdanttea.com/teas/chai-spice/ is just the spices, no tea (whereas the chai kit has a tea base included).

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that’s an awesome list, Awkward Soul.

If she likes Teavana, I’m a big fan of the White Ayurvedic Chai, it resteeps really well. I also used to mix it with Honeybush Vanilla for a little creaminess and it was delicious!

I love the Rooibos teas from DAVIDs as well, they range from basic and simple to extravagantly fun and everything in between. They also have a few new chais out.

those are simple solutions, I don’t drink lots of chai but had stumbled upon these!

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We have a licorice chai called “So Long, and Thanks for All the Licorice” and also a regular chai: http://www.butikiteas.com/Black.html

Also, we have a Mango Lassi rooibos that is pretty popular: http://www.butikiteas.com/Rooibos.html

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Wow, you guys are great!

These are great suggestions. I think that a couple of these might be a good fit. I love that White Ayuervedic Chai. I should definitely get her some of that. And I’ll check out the David’s teas and the Butiki.

And best of all is that Verdant Tea spice. I think she’s going to loooove that.

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We have a variety of chai!

Our black chais: http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/chai
We also have Herbal Bengal Chai, which is a rooibos chai: http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/herbal-bengal-chai.html

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Lariel select said

Chai Wallah sells a spice blend for tea.

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Nicole said

Whispering Pines will do a custom chai blend. http://www.whisperingpinestea.com/chaimixer.html

I had him do one for my mother a month or so ago that was no ginger and heavy on the lemongrass and she loved it.

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