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sharpdart said

A kyusu for Chinese green tea?

I really like brewing my sencha in a kyusu. I recently got into Chinese green teas (especially Dragonwell) and have brewed them in a glass pot (gongfu pot from David’s Teas). Usually the spout gets clogged, so it overpours from the top. Does anyone have any recommendations? How about a kyusu for Chinese green?

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GuyOne said

Sometimes I think I should change my handle to something like KyusuKen. Except my name ain’t Ken.

Anyhow, if you check back to your other question about the Yakishimei Houhin you’ll see that I mentioned several sources for Kyusu’s. I just love those little pots. And a glazed or porcelain one can be used for any type of tea. I use mine for Verdant’s Dragonwell and Laoshan Green’s all the time, except I’m out of the Laoshan right now.

Right after posting this I’m about to open a box from TaiwanTeaCrafts with a little satin celadon finished fair pot that I plan on using as a futanashi. It’s got a side handle made of wood, I’m excited.

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GuyOne said

Love that etsy set!

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Dag Wedin said

Here´s some good information about kyusu:s and also about tetsubins.

Myself i prefer Banko-yaki. Check on the works by Mori Iroku or tachi masaki for some lovely teapots. Works of art!

I see no reason why chinese green tea shouldnt turn out well in a kyusu.
The japanese style is not like zisha (yixing)in the sense of “memory”. So its perfectly safe to use different teas in 1 pot.

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GuyOne said

I was hoping that some other folks would chime into this interesting topic. Dag is correct in the statement that Japanese clay’s don’t necessarily absorb the flavors of tea like yixing clay does. But still, if you are using clay’s that aren’t glazed you should be aware that they will influence the taste of the tea. I use Banko myself, as well as Tokoname, Bizen and Haji teapots. And they each have a different effect on the tea. Some teas go better with certain types of clay. And a certain amount of the preference is a personal choice. I mentioned before of an unglazed futanashi from Greenwood. It arrived at about the same time as an order from Floating Leaves. The light flavor those Taiwanese oolongs disappeared in that little pot. But it is perfect for black teas. It’s become my go to pot on Sat. and Sun. mornings when brewing Chinese blacks from Teavivre.

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