ddave2122 said

50% off at The Georgia Tea Company

Hi all,
The Georgia Tea Company is having a 50% off sale, $15 for $30 in tea. Use the coupon code “greatdeal” under the KGB deal box. You must be logged in to receive the deal.
Thought I would share!

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gschuschke said

Oh man….going to have to do it! I just had their almond cookie iced yesterday and it was so good! Really enjoy the peach oolong hot or cold and love the snowflake!

I’m taking advantage! Great way to try some new teas from a new company! Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the deal! I ended up ordering:
2oz Divine Temple (Green)
4oz Almond Cookies (Green)
2oz Strawberry Kiwi (Herbal)
2oz Snowflake (Black)
2oz Grandma’s Apple Pie (Black)

Cost 16.00+4.50 shipping! Amazing!

Finally had the chance to pick up my tea from the post office. Divine Temple, Snowflake and Almond Cookies smell amazing. A little disappointed in the packaging though, wish the bags were more airtight with a better seal. Ordering some tins and will test them out once they arrive.

Sil select said

how are they packaged?

the tea is in a sealed clear plastic bag and then its packaged in a brown paper bag. I’m just anal and prefer the option to order a larger amount with a tin.

Cavocorax said

Mmmm – that’s so tempting. The only thing making me hesitate is $13 shipping to Canada, but… 50% off? :O

Sil select said

no no no no no…….must wait until june!

Tealizzy said

I’m with you Sil! What a great sale though!

Cavocorax said

Hahah. Yeah. Yeahhhhh. I’ve completely fallen off the wagon – I guess I should stop now while the damage has been done!

Yeah, I fell off the wagon as well. Who can pass up 50% off? Next month I’ll be better… maybe…

My husband just rolled his eyes at me when I told him to watch out for the package while I’m gone.

OMGsrsly said

The $13 to Canada makes me hesitate as well. Well, that and I already spent all my tea budget! :)

How long is this good for? If I like the stuff I get I might buy more (awesome job on it already emailing me as being shipped by the way. )

I actually tried to see if I could reorder with the code again, but it looks like its a one time deal per account :( Maybe I can get my boyfriend to order some extra.

I tried it today and it didn’t work – probably a good thing since I have so much tea already. :)

Their stuff is really good though, so I suggest you keep an eye out for future sales. I’m totally stunned by how much I like everything I’ve tried, especially the Weight loss. Its sent me back to order more once I run low, thats for sure.

gschuschke said

I just got my order from the 50% sale and have loved the teas I’ve tried so far. The walnut green tea was excellent. Really enjoy their teas!

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