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So I won an ebay auction for some teas, for .99cents

The problem here is, after getting it, its says I should be brewing in a clay pot, which I don’t have. So 2 things, is it okay to brew this other ways (I have a kati cup from Teaforte that I use most of the time, and an infuser if thats not available) or should I look to pass these on to someone with the proper equipment? Their in my cupboard, all from Teance. I don’t want to try to brew it to have them come out funky because their not brewed in the right format.

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I don’t think you’re required to brew in any specific vessel. It’s just a guideline. Lol. Heck, not even brewing temps and times are set in stone either depending on someone’s taste. XD I’d think that whatever you have on hand that you usually brew in would be fine.
But that’s just my own opinion. If it’s incorrect, someone feel free to correct me. ^^

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Rie said

Seconding what Shadowfall said ~ ‘v’-

Although the “Monkey Picked Tikuanyin Medium Roast” and “Pu-erh Imperial” teas, in particular, could benefit by brewing in clay pots, they’ll be just fine in your Kati cup. I brew tikuanyin and similar teas almost every day, and I’ve never owned a clay pot. No worries ~

It’s more worth looking at water quality, temperature, leaf amounts, and proper steeping time, as these will make much more of a difference.

Congratulations on the nice auction win, too! :D

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Okay, I’m glad to hear it. I’d just never seen such a specific set of instructions for tea. Temp/time I’m used too. But the clay pots thing threw me for SUCH a loop. I’m glad I didn’t buy it from the company because it would feel like a terribly obvious ploy for me to buy more of their merchandise if they seel clay tea pots as well.

I’m surprised I got that great deal. It said right in the post that the tea was a gift and the seller didn’t like tea, so I’m not surprised I got such a low price (mind you there was shipping involved still) After everything I payed less then 4.00 for five samples of tea I’d likely never seek out to buy. I love stuff like this.

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Rie said

Definitely a great deal! Glad you didn’t miss out on the tea, haha. (^_^)

Maybe the company is just really proud of their tea, hence the strict, optimal instructions?

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