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wheezybee said

Organic and Fair Trade Tea Retailers - Any Ideas?

Good afternoon! Does anyone know of any Fair Trade and organic loose leaf tea online retailers with a good track record and great teas? I lean towards Earl Grey and chai, while my husband likes puerh, herbals, and greens. Thank you!

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momo said

List of FT companies on here: http://www.fairtradeusa.org/products-partners/tea
Click a name and see what’s FT and from there what’s organic too! Though other websites might use a different group regarding Fair Trade, that’s the one thing that irritates me with it, that there’s no one place to turn to.

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yyz said

The rainforest alliance has several producers that are certified under an sustainable agriculture program which seems to encompass many of the values of fair trade, as well as ensuring that the tea is produced in a way that is ecologically and socially responsible. You can find out specific tea gardens or distributes that are certified under the program here.


and some of the goals of certification here.


These teas may be available at several different companies.

As for specific companies Shanti teas in Canada sells only Organic teas.


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looseTman said

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yyz said

David’s Has a selection of fair trade teas as well here.


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wheezybee said

That should keep me busy for a while – thank you for the great info!

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cteresa said

A lesser know tea origin, local to me, but they are all organic and have always been and it´s probably the only commercial tea production in the European Union is Azores tea.

This brand is the more well known http://www.gorreanatea.com/ though there are a couple other plantations literally next door I think.

It´s probably not “fair trade” necessarily because I only have ever heard the expression applied to developing countries – in this case workers would almost certainly have the lowest wages in western europe, but it is western europe but those would still be a lot more than workers in other destinations (plus labor laws and a location where due to geography I see migrant worker exploitation being extremely unlikely. Good luck finding plane tickets, LOL)

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One of my favorite companies that is both fair trade and organic is Arbor Teas. http://www.arborteas.com/

There are many different companies that also offer fair trade, organic choices, however, when I think “fair trade/organic” Arbor Teas is generally the first name that pops in my head.

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Javan said

I joined the mailing list at Rishi Teas today and noted that they feature their connection to fair trade. I went to their site for their fair trade Ancient Yellow Buds tea which I like. You can find them at rishi-tea.com.

I love the Ancient Yellow Buds tea. Excellent choice.

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