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momo said

I'm cutting back on all the tea I have...

I hope this is okay to post. Anyway, I’m selling a bunch of tea on my blog. Everything ranges from 25 cents to $3 depending on what it is. There’s a contact form right on the post, so just fill it out and I’ll be in contact. I’ll be watching the post and editing as necessary, as well as finding more to add. So if you want to add more as time goes on, there’s no problem.

Here’s the post http://twominutesforbaking.net/2013/05/21/tea-for-sale/
let me know if you have any questions, I’ll set this to notify me of replies so I know they’re there.

And thanks if you buy anything, I suck at money and appreciate you.

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I just sent you a message on your site! I hope things work out for you. Searching for jobs sucks!!!

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I understand completely what you are going through and am having to do a major clear out myself. I wish you all the best and good luck :)

I sent you a message on the blog but put the wrong address for paypal. DOH! So here is what I am interested in with the correct paypal address.

unopened 1.75 oz 52Teas Butter Brandy Cake

7/8 oz 52Teas Red Hot Orange White
2 oz Mountain Tea Company Medium Roast Dong Ding Special Reserve (sealed package)

1 1/4 oz ESP Emporium Lime Deluxe (green/white)
1 oz Nature’s Tea Leaf Citrus Spice White Iced Tea
1 oz Teavivre Taiwan Ginseng (Lan Gui Ren) Oolong

50 cents
1/2 oz Davidson’s Tea Organic Herbal Cranberry Orange
1/2 oz 52Teas Vanilla Mint Mate
3/4 oz Zen Tea Honeybush Choco Caramel
1/2 oz Culinary Teas Margaret’s Hope 2nd Flush FTGFOP Darjeeling
1 oz English Tea Store Chocolate black Tea

25 cents
1/4 oz Design a Tea Marzipan Sunset
1/4 oz Harney and Sons Boston
3/4 oz English Tea Store Tutti Fruity

Paypal – [email protected]

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I sent you a message on your blog. I can pick up the tea in person since we live near each other if that would be convenient for you :)

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Messaged with the ones I want. :) Sending you good job finding energy. :)

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Dr Jim said


I just received my package and am enjoying the first tea as I write. I feel a bit guilty about taking advantage of your difficulty but I suppose most of us on steepster have more tea than we can drink. I find myself pushing it on friends and family to try to get them excited about fine tea.


momo said

Oh no no don’t think of it as taking advantage of anything, as some people have said in their emails, they are thankful to get to try things without paying too much, think of it that way! It was going to have to happen eventually, it’s definitely a good exercise in “do you really need to keep this?” that I hope to apply to other stuff, like my closet.

Dr Jim said

That is exactly how I saw it. I’m too busy to get into swaps at this time, but enjoyed the opportunity to try some unusual teas such as maple brown sugar oatmeal, which I would never buy for relatively minor cost.

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Hey, how is your darjeeling??

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Have you shipped my tea order? I spotted a few more teas on your list that I’m interested in :)

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My package just arrived, thanks for sending it out so quickly. I’m looking forward to trying a few out tonight when I get home.

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momo said

Most of them have been sent, I think I have 3 left to go out, which will happen tomorrow. Was supposed to be today, but I got a call for a job interview around noon and spent the rest of the day prepping for that to happen.

Katiek said

Hope the interview goes well! Good luck!!

moraiwe said

Good luck on your interview!

Here’s hoping the interview went well!

Cavocorax said

My fingers are crossed!

momo said

Thanks guys, it was a REALLY short interview (like 10 minutes, which made me sad I hadn’t grabbed the packages anyway for the way back) and I’m not sure about it, but there’s lots of other stuff out there to keep on applying for~

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I received my tea this morning and wanted to tyvm for sending them overseas for me. :) so many new teas for me to review in the near future.

Keeping my eyes open for your 52teas clearance.

momo said

Wow that was ridiculously fast! I guess when they want $15 to ship it better be haha.

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