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Beeblebear said

What's your best buy?

I recently won some Matcha from Yunomi.us, and so I was reading up on Matcha and how to go about making it. And I was going to buy a bamboo whisk. But they also sent me a sample of some Kabusecha, and I was reading about the warm steeping method for that and it recommends serving in Guinomi.

Now, I know neither of these items are essential, but I do think they probably add to the whole experience of drinking tea. So I was wondering, what is the one item you have bought since your entry into the world of tea that is your absolute favourite? It could be anything from a variable temperature kettle to a decorated saucer. I’m just interested. And maybe it’ll help me decide what to buy first. But probably not…

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Uniquity said

My Japanese Latte Mugs from Davids Tea. I think they are gorgeous and I really enjoy drinking my tea from them – they enhance the experience for me.

In terms of practical items, my Perfect Tea Mug (basically a mug with lid and infuser) and my Variable Temp Kettles were the most helpful. I held off on the variable temp kettle but it makes my tea life SO MUCH easier.

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My variable temperature kettle (cusinart) – everything changed. Water boiled faster! Low temp teas became amazing and not bitter! That was the hugest impact / best buy for me.

Before that, my DavidsTea gravity steeper – I bought it at my second trip to DavidsTea (at the beginning of my tea obsession) and I took it on me when I went out of town. It was a huge leap in flavor, as before I was using paper filters or nothing at all.

Recent? Probably my gaiwans – that changed unflavored tea for me into a relaxing ritual.

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Lynxiebrat said

Almost the same as Awkward Soul, my variable temp kettle. That and the various steeper cups that I’ve bought/gotten and teapots that I have bought/gotten!

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OMGsrsly said

Gravity steeper. I still want to get a variable temp kettle/water heater thing, but that needs to wait for a bit.

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gschuschke said

Breville one touch-Can’t live without it now!

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My Zojirushi hot water pot. Technically I didn’t buy it, but it was the best wedding gift ever and after using it every day for nearly 5 years I don’t think I could live without it.

My ingenuiTEA comes in a close second, because now it’s easy to make tea while I travel.

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ifjuly said

In cold months, my electric kettle for the reasons stated—waaay faster than stovetop, with the added bonus that it can keep a pot of brewed tea at just the right temperature for a long time. In hot weather, the Takeya Flash Chill Pitcher—makes cold steeping a snap and can be laid on its side in the fridge to save space.

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I really like large (14 oz. or more) clear glass mugs so I can see the color of the tea, particularly when I’m brewing oolongs and green teas. My favorites — hate to admit it! — are the ones from Teavana.

I also would not be without a variable temp kettle. I bought a Pino brand one from TeaGschwendner.

Lynxiebrat said

One of my favorite steeper cups is from Teavana’s. While I’d be leery about buying one of their Yixing or Iron pots, the steeper cups work out great, least so far…. ;)

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I have to say my variable temp kettle comes out on top. It made it so much easier to make tea, since previously I had been boiling water on the stove with a candy thermometer stuck in it. Watching water boil = watching paint dry/grass grow. Lol.

From a more aesthetic point of view, I’d have to say I really like the cherry blossom steeper mug I got from Teavana, though I only use the mug since the steeper insert’s holes let too much tea through.

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