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Toast said

Making mediocre tea better?

Hello fellow sippers, I’m new to Steepster, enjoying it thus far :)
I was recently given a small box of Lipton green tea (bags) as a friendly gift from a non-tea drinker; and of course it isn’t bad but there’s certainly room for improvement.
So I decided to go mad scientist and venture into my garden, picking some sage and rosemary, and grabbed a lime out of the fridge. I boiled the herbs and lime zest for about three minutes at 210* plus and lowered the temperature to around 160 before pouring over a teabag.
I was more than satisfied with the results, as the flavor is rather complex but not overbearing. Has anyone else done anything like this before (read title)?

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K S said

Welcome to Steepster! I tried something similar to what you did with sage and rosemary but did not think of the lime. I bet that made all the difference as mine was still kind of meh.

I did save a downright nasty puerh with chocolate mint (also out of my garden). I started drinking that one on purpose.

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I have a blog post adding more flavors into tea http://oolongowl.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/tea-additions-adding-more-flavor-to-your-tea-without-sweeteners/

Though in the end, I found with crappy green/whites/oolongs – cold steeping it with fruit and citrus can usually fix the tea into a lovely fruit tea infused water.

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Toast said

Thank you both for the helpful replies. The lime was probably the most prevalent flavor; Rosemary definitely has its place in my cuisine but I’m not so sure about rosemary-infused tea. I considered some aromatic flowers of basil but that herb is probably also best cooked.

Your blog is bookmarked, A.S.!

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Good idea! Waste not want not. My usual tactic with teas I do not care for is to leave them in the staff lounge at my work, but perhaps I should try doctoring them before giving up completely.

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