Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

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Oh wow this box! I just got it and took a quick look and it is crazy how much tea is there! I promised my daughter I would wait for her to get out of school this afternoon and go through it with her.

Dustin said

Oh good, it got there safely! And yeah, isn’t it crazy how much tea is packed in that thing?!

It’s like clowns in a VW.

I’m wrapping this up and getting it ready to mail out tomorrow. Dr. Jim, I was wondering if you would mail me the spreadsheet, so I could update it with all of the teas that were added?

The main reason behind my thinking is, because there are three different lists with different people’s names, unless I handwrite all of them three times, the people on the 2nd and 3rd lists won’t have the new teas listed there. I believe I can format it so that it’s still readable but all of the columns are together.

I can’t access my inbox here for some reason right now but my email address is [email protected] – thanks!

oooh, exciting!!

Dr Jim said

I’ve sent it to you. I almost put it on a flash drive in the box, but figured not everyone would have Excel.

Here’s my net, my daughter and I had a lot of fun with the box, thanks for including us! We ended up keeping more than I anticipated, but I put in quite a bit to compensate.

Mango Lassi – Butiki
Monk’s Mead – Serendipitea
Blood Orange Tisane – Wegman’s
Golden – Yunnan Sourcing
Potato Pancakes and Applesauce – Butiki
Boston – Harney
Marco Polo – Mariage Freres
Malted Chocomate – 52 Teas
Salted Caramel – David’s Tea

Pancake Breakfast – 52 Teas
Mi Xian Black – Butiki
Summer Fruit Ambrosia – Gold Leaf

Red Velvet Cake Mate – 52 Teas
Christmas – Adagio
Caramel – Adagio
Pumpkin Spice – Adagio
California Tea House – White Melon Yogurt
Goji Pop – David’s Tea
Mercedes Apple Spice – Pekko
Strawberry Cupcake – Simpson and Vail
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish – 52 Teas
Montagne D’or – Mariage Freres

Earl Grey Puerh – Red Leaf Tea (New and unopened)
2nd Flush Darjeeling – Simple Loose Leaf
Shan First Flush Green – Shan Valley
Tulsi Infusion – Teatulia
Dreamsicle Puerh – 52 Teas
Pumpkin Toffee DRagonwell – 52 Teas
Key Lime Coconut – Herbal Infusions
Vata – Tea Gschwendner
Meditative Mind – The Tea Spot
To Life – Teavana
Caramel Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy
Maple Bacon – 52 Teas
Cinnamon Stars – Tea Gschwendner
Hot Mama Jama – Bluebird

The teabox is here and I have cracked into it and of course did the whole giggling maniacally thing :P I probably won’t have it too long since my ‘thing’ is take little samples in baggies…but I do plan on sampling some before I send it away.

one quick question. The printed up list of teas and who adds what and such…do I just write what I add, or should I type up and print out a whole new list?

The only reason I retyped it, is when I got it, it was three separate sets of paper, and didn’t have everyone’s names on the same chart. So when we wrote in what we added, we would have to write it three times (one on each set). I think it’s fine to just write it in from here on out.

Hehe, I can see that being chaotic! Thanks for the clarifying, it is a very nice type job :)

Dr Jim said

Amamda: Remember that Dustin has already had the box, so Emilie is next on the list (contrary to the list in the box). PM her for the address.

The list must have been updated since it has Emilie after me…but thanks for the reminder :)

Ok, so I have the box all packed up and I have Emilie’s address. Oh man, packing this thing was like playing advanced tetris, but I got it all back in the box while maintaining an air or organization :P Here is my stash

Arbor Teas-Kukicha (F)
Butiki-Mango Lassi (F)
Butiki-Potato Pancakes and Applesauce (K)
Lupicia- Strawberry Matcha (K)
Teavana-Lavender Dreams (K)
Teavivre-Jasmine pearls (K)
The Tea Spot- Meditative Mind (K)
Verdant Tea- Pu Erh Tonic (K)
Wegmans- Sencha/Matcha (K)
Yunnan Sourcing- Imperial Golden Simao (F)

Tealux- Vanilla Green
Teavana- Toasted Nut Brulee
Adagio- Blackberry
Simple Loose leaf- Sweet Peach White
Harney and Sons- Paris
Java Tea Co- The Revolutionary
Teavana- French Spice Quartet
Teasenz- Bi Luo Chun
Verdant Tea- Bai Mu Dan
Della Terra- The Persimmon Tea

Can I just say I am so happy about the Sencha Matcha from Wegmans? It was my favorite tea from them when I lived in PA and I missed it now that I am in the midwest. Also I fell in love with the Imperial Gold Simao, definitely going to get more. The box will go in the mail on Tuesday when the post office opens back up :)

Emilie said

I’m pretty sure the TTB is here! But I couldn’t make it to the campus post office yesterday before they closed (they changed their hours with no warning!). I’m having my boyfriend pick it up today, but I won’t know until after work today

Emilie said

Confirmed, it’s here! I didn’t get to try any today, but hopefully I can work on it tomorrow. Also, the spreadsheet is beautiful, whoever made it!

I saved it, if anyone wants to use it for another box ;)

Emilie said

Actually, if you send me the template, I wouldn’t mind printing some blank ones for people to add their teas to!

Ok, pm your email address to me.

Arshness said

Could I slide into the end of this?
I’ve been adoring tea swaps and TTBs.
I’d love to be a part of another one.

Dr Jim said

I’ll put you on the waiting list

Arshness said

Thank you!!

Arshness said

Since there are lots of people going on vacation, I’m just leaving this note to say I’m not going anywhere, so if there is a time when someone is needed to keep the box moving, I’d be happy to slip in. ^^

I am next on the list…I am on vacation 6/22-7/4. No rush at all…if it is later than mid-next week in sending the box on, you might want to move me down the list.

I am not leaving town this summer if you need to sub me earlier.

Emilie said

Just to make sure, when you say “next week” do you mean around the 11th or 18th?

The 18th would not leave me enough time (only 2-3 days).

Emilie said

Since a number of people are depending on the timeliness of my shipping, I will do what I can. Would this Thursday be soon enough?

I am also heading out on vacation. I was watching very closely, but if khamilton611 gets it out before she leaves we should be fine. I’m only gone until the 26th. If someone subs in her place, let me know and I’ll get them my address.

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