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alice said

All things water...

What kind of water do you prefer to brew your tea in?

My tap water varies a lot (ph 6.7-8.4, hardness 60-220mg/L) and when I’m not happy with the taste, usually after periods of heavy rain or when the dams are very low, I filter it first. Some of my more delicate green or white teas end up getting muddied by the taste of the water sometimes.

I have been using filtered water from a brita jug in the fridge but have now purchased a breville one touch tea maker with glass jug. Pouring refrigerated water into a glass jug and then heating it seems like a recipe for disaster and not a risk I want to take with a $250 glorified kettle. It is also a huge waste of electricity.

I’d love to know how other people prepare their water for tea making and if anyone knows the science of what makes great tea water.

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Lala said

I will sometimes leave water in a pitcher sitting on the counter, so at room temperature. And I use that to make tea, as long as it hasn’t been sitting out for days on end. You could always leave your brita out of the fridge.

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SimplyJenW said

I have an under sink filter for drinking water and cooking water. I have had one for years, though. If we want cold water, we fill a pitcher for the fridge. Otherwise, I just fill my electric kettle straight from the spigot. It does need a filter change about every 6 months.

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we have insanely hard water where i live so i finally got a brita filter to at least help and it’s definitely worked a lot as far as i can tell. then i put it into my tea kettle and into my teapot :)

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alice said

Thanks for the replies and ideas.

Attaching a filter to the tap isn’t really an option where I am living currently but I will have a look into using the brita pitcher on the bench. I suppose as the water will always be heated to or above 80c and the kettle holds that temperature for the entire brew the risk of contamination would be very low. I’ll also look into just keeping the filter component itself refrigerated when not in use.

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Not quite the same, but I pour refridgerated water from my Brita pitcher into my kettle and heat it from there pretty often. Though I’ll usually fill the kettle then use the water over a few days. Though in hindsight I probly shouldn’t. Lol.
Honestly I would think you shouldn’t have to worry too much about putting refridgerated water into your Breville. It’s made of tempered glass, so I imagine it’s expected that it might do something Iike that. It’s not like you’re putting cold water into an already heated glass container. Lol.
And I can’t imagine it uses much more electricity heating water that’s cold than it would room temp. My kettle doesn’t seem to take much longer heating from cold tthan it does from room temp.

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