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Metropolitan Tea Company?

Hey guys! I’m fairly new to this site and find it very helpful and informative before I buy tea. Recently, our local coffee shop started selling loose leaf tea so I decided to check it out. Wow did the have the choices, it was so overwhelming! Anyways, the brand they carry is Metropolitan Tea Company. I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on this company, and if you could share your experience with them. Positive? Negative? Should I bother spending money there, or look elsewhere? Thanks!

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mrmopar said

If you type Metropolitan in the search at the top right of the page it will bring them up. If you click on the ones you are considering it will show reviews that people have posted. I can’t give any personal experience but those who have tasted should.

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gmathis said

Metropolitan does a good job with flavored teas and is fairly inexpensive. Culinary Teas (www.culinaryteas.com) carries lots of their stuff. One of my favorites is their Monk’s Blend (pomegranate/vanilla).

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Ditto what’s already been said. I have a small mom and pop tea shop near me that carries MTC tea, and I’m quite impressed with the quality for the pricepoint. A lot of their stuff is flavoured, but there is a wide enough variety of straight teas that it’s a good way to get your feet wet. They seem to have a decent selection of decaf blacks (straight and blends) as well, which other shops in my area don’t seem to have. Don’t bother going to the MTC website, they don’t have any information about their varieties on it, which is annoying.

There aren’t details about the teas, but this is the site for the little shop I go to, and it at least lists the MTC teas they carry. It’s not all the teas that MTC produces, but it’s the most extensive one I’ve found. http://georgiesteaemporium.ca/index.php

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More often than not … people have tried Metro tea and not even realized it. That’s because they’re exclusively a wholesale company – they’ll only sell to you if you’ve got a business license. So, many companies out there buy from Metro and relabel it as their own brand.

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OMGsrsly said

The maple isn’t mapley enough, but I do agree with people above. They are decent teas!

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They have some good teas and they have some bad teas. One of the advantages they do offer is a wide inventory which allows you to more easily decide which is which. As others have said they also offer a good price point. So yes, you can spend money there and you will get some good stuff.

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Thanks for all of your input everyone! Guess I’ll give it a whirl

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MelissaTea said

As long as you don’t have to buy a large minimum amount (more than an ounce), I think most teas are worth a try. You find some good, some not so good and eventually some GREAT ones.

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