Artp said

Tea subscriptions?

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are looking to sign up for a tea subscription, just to have the surprise of new teas every month. I was wondering if you recommend any? I’m trying to keep it under $15/month, unless you can really wow me.

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Lala said

I do Teavana’s blissful moments tea of the month club. You have to pay for 6-12 months in advance though. It is good for doing blending with teas, but I most likely wont renew.

I also do handmade teas tea of the month club. There are several options, the lowest is $12/month, I think. I am quit impressed and am planning to continue with this one.

I’ll second the recommendation for Handmade Tea. Unique blends and really quality ingredients

Artp said

I was sold until I saw the price… $12 for 1.5 oz is REALLY expensive!

Thanks for the Handmade Tea recommendations Lala and Nicole!

@artp – I absolutely understand what you’re saying, I’m usually able to get more than 15 cups out of the mini subscription – I’d like to send you the mini June tea 100% free. No catch at all. Maybe once you see it you’ll decide the quantity will work for you. If not, no obligation at all! DM or email me your shipping address if you’re interested! caleb at handmadetea dot com

ChaMei select said

@Caleb Brown – can you describe some teas you have offered? And can favourite teas be reblended and purchased in greater quantities? I am being quite tempted myself…
Update: dude, I love the video reviews. Watching the Lamington Brew (personally I would want to add raspberry; lemon and raspberry are great together, plus a lamington homage has to have a jammy flavour profile.) Your enthusiasm for tea is infectuous.

@ChaMei Sure thing! You can read about the past blends on our website: (I haven’t updated June yet!)

@Caleb Brown I’m interested to see what the size difference is between the mini and full month subscription. I’m torn.. but I live on a student budget.

@Mnoelle225 Very good question. So with the regular subscription you’ll receive a tin with 3oz of the monthly tea blend as well as 3 tiny tins each containing one of the blend ingredients. This picture might help explain what you’ll get:

The mini subscription contains half the amount of tea ~1.5 oz and does not include the tiny ingredient tins. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Imperial Tea with Roy Fong has a nice 6 month plan that would be under $180. Their 12 month plan would be closer to $300 though. You get what you pay for.

Audra said

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve been hearing a lot about this Tea O’ the Morning subscription. Right now it’s $10 for three months.

How long has that one been around? What have people said about it?

Artp said

yeah, interested in hearing more about this one

booboo said

i am new to this website but was looking for something new in my life.i wanted to know how do i go about purchasing teas from steepster??because im honestly lost lbs

Lala said

Steepster doesn’t really sell teas. It is just a community for tea lovers to post, talk about, and review teas. Sometimes a member of steepster will sell some of their teas, it will be posted in a discussion thread. Mostly here on steepster, people swap/trade teas – there are threads for that too. Many tea companies will post when they have deal or sales, and sometimes there are free sample give aways. My suggestion is too look through the discussion threads and see what you find.

booboo said

oh ok i like the sound of that,thanks alot

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