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inguna said

Looks very nice. Love it.

Serenity said

I love the shape, perfect for curling your hand around!

It is beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

Tard said

It’s nice, I have tried several tea mugs w/o handles but they are just too HOT in my hands!
Prefer a cup with a handle.

That is very pretty. I like the colors.

MissLena said

Gorgeous! I love quite a few of the cups on there, I might have to get one myself! :)

moraiwe said

What a gorgeous glaze!

If you can see it in your home or tea drinking set up then its worth having

Like Etsy but find shipping very expensive

I like the glaze on it, but I don’t have space for more cups :(

AnnaEA select said

Very nice. I’d have to meet it in person, but I love the colors.

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