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"Tea" V and other movie references

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One of the characters in the new series “Rubicon” announces that he’s “addicted to Earl Grey”. The statement doesn’t seem to move the story along, but, as this is one of those TV shows like ‘24’ in which the plot carries over from episode to episode, maybe it will be important in a future show.
( BTW, after just two weeks, I’m addicted to this show.)

I noticed that too. I had the opposite reaction to the show though. I DVRed the first two episodes and they didn’t catch my interest enough to record a third. I think it seems very slow to me and there wasn’t a character(s) who caught my interest. I love AMC’s Mad Men so I was hoping to like this show.

Also, in many of the Masterpiece Mystery shows, they drink tea. Most of them were originally aired on the BBC so that may be why.

loupea said

Watching this as well. Not sure if I like it yet, but it feels like Alias meets The X-Files to me.

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I’m shocked no one mentioned Alice in Wonderland… nothing further needed.

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loupea said

The two movie references that come to mind are:
1) Coffee and Cigarettes: a movie in vignettes and one is about two guys having a pot of tea and talking over cigarettes.
2) Johny Depp in Chocolat.

And for TV there was the character of Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer who had to drink tea all the time due to being British.

loupea … the way you phased you last sentence made me think you implied that Brits must drink tea just as vampires must drink blood???? .. too funny. … and if true, explains the high per capita consumption. ( and begs the question: “Why?” )

loupea said

It just seems like every British character on American television has to have a tea cup in his/her hand. I don’t think the show meant to make the connection you did, but definitely an interesting point!

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If Broadway counts, tea was served in the Tony Award winning play “Doubt”.
Not sure what kind of tea – if any – was in the pot, but I can’t be blamed for the lapse. At the time I was amazed to see that the tea cozy on the pot was one of mine … WOWSA
Complete story with photo of me with Cherry Jones on my website
scroll down to " the best tea cozy story EVER!"

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Janefan said

There’s a great tea scene in Scott PIlgrim vs. The World ( I could take or leave the movie otherwise)

The love interest invites the hero in, asks him if he’d like a cup of tea, he says yes, and so she asks him what kind. His response: “There’s more than one?!”

LOL. So she goes to her cupboard and opens it and rattles off the names of about a dozen teas. Sadly, at least half she named were actually herbals/tisanes and/or Celestial Seasonings-specific blends. The box she chose was definitely CS teabags.

Janefan said

found it on YouTube! How many can you identify? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZScO-09urMw

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gmathis said

Dredging this topic back up because I’m a sick woman: I actually paused the DVD last night (House Season 6 for a Christmas present) and stuck my nose in the screen (Episode “Epic Fail”, they’re taking dust sheets off furniture in the diagnosis room) to identify the brands on the tea shelf behind Taub. Didn’t do too well—there was definitely a box of Bigelow Lemon Lift and a tin from Mighty Leaf; couldn’t place the others. Any takers on the others? :)

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Uniquity said

I’m surprised no-one mentioned it, but…Doctor Who!

I’ve only seen the first 3 years of the new series so far (sadly!) but tea is what gets him through his regeneration. I really need the “old” series’…I’m sure AJ could mention all the other tea loving doctors. : )

AJ said

That’s probably because it came up in the other version of this thread, here: http://steepster.com/discuss/290-a-spot-of-tea

Hahah, probably! Of course… I don’t think there exists any NON-tea loving Doctors.

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