Pu-erh Tea in Bon Appetit Magazine!

I just got my latest Bon Appetit (May), and imagine my surprise when I saw a small article about Pu-erh tea! The article mentions Samovar :) and the book The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook. I may just break out the Samovar Blood
Orange Pu-erh tomorrow in honor!

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How cool! My mom has a subscription and I will peruse it for the article next time I’m there. (I usually end up perusing it for the recipes and food/travel articles anyways.)

I was a fanatical Gourmet subscriber, and they gave me this when the magazine was closed to complete my subscription. I don’t like it nearly as much but what can you do!

lol My mom gets them all (Bon Appetit, Real Simple, Everyday Food, Food Network, and a couple more I’m forgetting) so I usually just read hers and/or take them when she’s done with them. I only get Cooking Light and Fine Cooking. She had Gourmet too at one point.

Cofftea said

I wish the article was online… :(

Cofftea – I know. I tried to find it but it was not one of the ones published on the Bon Appetit site.

Cofftea said

Yep that’s how I know it’s not lol.

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