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Cloudy Iced Tea

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El Monstro said

I’ve noticed a random clouding effect once in awhile, also my cold brew jars have had a noticeable crusty white film on the glass after I use them that is slightly disconcerting.

Sounds like limescale, which just means you have hard water.

El Monstro said

I kind of figured it’s about time to change our water filter

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I’ve gone around in circles with this topic elsewhere and I can only describe how I make iced tea, and I make a LOT of it. Mine is NEVER cloudy. If I leave it in the refrigerator for a couple days, it will get slightly foggy, but nothing like the milky cloudiness I hear from others. As I mentioned before, jasmines tend to get cloudy regardless. I think this is because small particles of the jasmine blossoms adhere to the tea leaves as they are being infused together.

So, I use thoroughly filtered water, steep for 3-4 minutes, then immediately pour into a larger container filled at least half full with ice cubes (also must be made with filtered water) to get the tea directly to below 40 degrees. Stir it with the ice so it chills quickly. It shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to chill the tea. My iced tea is crystal clear every time. The quantity of tea you use is based on the final quantity of tea, not how much water you steep it in.

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krisTEAna said

Happy to help! To prevent your iced tea from clouding, we recommend diluting it with room temperature water in a pitcher then pouring it over ice when ready to enjoy. There is an awesome article on TeaClass, which covers many common tea questions:

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