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Considering to build tea blending kits. Interested?

Hey everyone, I run a retail tea boutique in Toronto called Herbal Infusions, and have done so for a number of years. I also teach workshops on how to blend your own tea at home that are really popular. I have been thinking of building a kit that people can purchase online from our store that would include everything you need to make a custom blended tea (tea base, inclusions, and flavourings).

I think this would be great for anyone that misses some of their teas from the larger corporate tea shops that are now discontinued. The idea would be to have kits that contain how to cards on blending that also link to a youtube video with some ideas. I know when Teavana announced in 2012 that they were discontinuing a bunch of their blends a lot of people were upset (including myself). This could be a fun alternative :)
Right now I am trying to gauge interest in it. If anyone would like to be on the mailing list for when I go live with the first kits follow the link below and sign up. I promise not to spam- just to inform you of the progress of our tea blending kits. If you have questions or comments fire away!

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I think this sounds like a lot of fun. Is there any chance you would be releasing these in time for the holidays? I know several of my tea obsessed friends would love them for yule/christmas gifts.

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Yes for sure! If we get a good response then we are shooting to have them ready to ship by mid-september

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Dexter3657 said

I’m not sure I understand the vision. Is the idea that we as customers:
A> order this tea blending kit that includes some base teas, some fruits, nuts, and some flavorings etc. In the kit we get some instructions on how to go about it and then we create our own weird and wacky combinations from what’s in the kit.
B> order the kit specific to our wish list. I want a vanilla cherry rooibos, I choose that from the site and you send me the stuff I need to create my specific vision.

I’m not sure if this is a “we’ll send you what you need to fulfill your vision”, or “we’ll send you a bunch of stuff- have fun seeing what you can create”. I hope my question makes sense.

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Hi Dexter3657,
Great questions! To start off this project I’d like to offer a little bit of customization (base teas, choice of inclusions, and a few flavourings) and provide a few recipes using them that have done well at our shop or through other experimentation.
Ideally if we polled enough people and had the interest, I would love to recreate maybe some of the discontinued blends that were really popular in the tea community. That would be on a limited edition basis of course (say, 50 kits that replicate H&S cinnamon spice or whatever we vote on). But I think that would be a phase II sort of thing :p

Dexter3657 said

Thank you for the reply. For me personally, I’m more interested in playing “mad scientist” than recreating a specific tea. I would like to see a sample package of a few bases and a few flavorings/inclusions that I can play with. I would also like to see a sample package of just the flavorings/inclusions that I could add to MY favorite base, or that I could use to “jazz up” a tea in my cupboard that’s lacking a little something. I would think of it as my “spice cupboard” for tea.
Either way, I think it’s a great idea, and I will sign up for the email updates to see where it goes.

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