Zette said

Please recommend a quality online Tea retailer

Hi Steepsters,
I’m new to this site and would like suggestions on great online Tea Retailers. I’m looking to incorporate green tea (for health) into my lifestyle and can use some recommendations. Does anyone know about TeaLux?? Any others?? Thanks so much for your tea guidance!

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Courtney said

I pesonally adore Harney & Sons green teas. All their teas I’ve had the opportunity to try have been tasty, but their greens in particular are nothing short of amazing. I’d recommend Bangkok, Tokyo, and Love Life :)

Lala said

www.teavivre.com would be a good place to try green teas. Also www.verdanttea.com and www.butikiteas.com

WtFGoD said

+1 for teavivre

How about some Japanese green teas?

Den’s Tea http://www.denstea.com/bnew-to-dens-teab-c-377.html
($3 sampler is a must buy for new customers)

Yunomi.us http://yunomi.us/
for good prices and tea is shipped from japan (shipping isn’t costly)

Good Selection of various teas with good prices:

For some more fun green tea blends, I’d go
Steep City Teas http://www.steepcityteas.com/
DavidsTea http://www.davidstea.com/

Also + 1 for teavivre and butiki

Zette said

Everyone – thanks so much for your recommendations. I feel much better making an online purchase based on your personal experiences/recommendations. Thanks again and have a great holiday weekend!!

Sil select said

Butiki teas, teavivre, verdant all get my vote! :)

In addition to the ones other ppl. have mentioned, Upton Tea Imports has an amazing selection and I’ve never had a bad experience with them, customer service is so good!

Sil select said

…and you can get sample sizes of everything!

Lariel select said

I really like Della Terra Teas, but have not tried much of their greens.

ifjuly said

Seconding Verdant (they sell my favorite unflavored Chinese greens), Den’s (they specialize in Japanese greens), Butiki (really yummy vegan flavorings with a very good green tea base), Teavivre, and for sample sizing a vast array of stuff, Upton Imports (Harney and Sons is a good midling intro starting point too, and I agree that their green blends are among their best offerings). Della Terra for affordable (with pretty much weekly coupon codes) flavored stuff to start out with.

Most of New Mexico Tea Company’s blends are really nice; the freshness and quality of the herbs just about always exceeds my expectations given the reasonable prices (and free shipping). Just tried their Casablanca blend, which is pretty much if Earl Grey mated with Moroccan Mint, so for a novel green blend it’s great. Whispering Pines is good at making summery blends that evoke smoky campfires and some have green bases (such as Sleeping Bear Blend IIRC). The trick with them is to add more leaf than normal; the first few times I tried their stuff I thought it was disappointingly weak, but cold steeped long enough or overleafed hot (and enjoyed quickly before they lose freshness!) it’s great.

Steepsters don’t seem as sweet on American Tea Room in general, and they can be expensive for sure (I wait for sales/coupon codes; I think there’s a Labor Day one going on right now), but some of their stuff is lovely. Their Nirvana green tea blend, a dragonwell with a bunch of huge pieces of fruit like fig and berries, is scrumptious hot or cold.

EvelynT said

I have ordered from Persimmon Tree Tea. They have a sampler pack for $5 and they always have deals. I would recommend their Gunpowder green tea.

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