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Please recommend a quality online Tea retailer

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MKstuder said

There are too many to mention. Goodness. Rishi, The Tea Spot, Teas Etc.,
I love the Tea Spot’s tea tins. They keep the tea much fresher.
I think the Green Teaist is still online. They have fabulous Japanese green teas. I like http://communiteaculture.us/ for Chinese green tea. I have their Cloud and Mist green tea. Very Chinese and vegetable like as opposed to the ocean flavor of the Japanese green tea, which I also like. I do hope this helps.

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NVasquez said

Give us a try… http://teavitality.com =)

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Love Den’s Teas for Japanese greens, and Mandala Tea for Chinese Tea of all varieties and teawares as well. http://shopmandalatea.com/
Verdant Tea has wonderful products, but had so much trouble with their website that I was never able to resolve. Hope they redesign their site in the future.

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Here’s a +1 for butiki. Lovely teas and great service.

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If you like to learn about the origins of your tea you should check out Tealet (www.tealet.com) We have a bi-monthly subscription service and a bulk tea program that anyone can participate in (you have to buy at least 1 pound of tea).

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I really like some of dellaterra’s (www.dellaterrateas.com) stuff. I really like desert teas and they make lots of good ones with or without caffeine.

I bring them up because so far all of the companies mentioned have been super high end online tea retailers. Della terra is good and affordable.

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Kaylee said

Echoing praise for Butiki, Verdant, Teavivre, and Den’s Tea.

Den’s Tea has a fantastic, affordable introductory pack: http://www.denstea.com/bnew-to-dens-teab-c-377.html

Teavivre will send you free tea for review if you have some tasting notes already (can be for any tea, not necessarily theirs):

Verdant had a 5 teas for $5 promotion a while back, so maybe they’ll do that again at some point?

Butiki doesn’t have free/super-cheap samples, but is generally affordable and Stacy always includes free samples with your order. Also she is a genius at blends.

Verdant’s monthly is amazing.

Kaylee said

Verdant’s 5 teas for $5 promotion is back! http://verdanttea.com/teas/5-for-5-tea-samples/

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ashmanra said

Teavivre, Harney and Sons, Mandala, and Upton get most of my orders! Red Leaf is great for matcha. I haven’t tried their other teas but matcha is really their specialty.

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Red Leaf Tea
Golden Moon
Upton tea

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bellmanart said

http://camellia-sinensis.com/en/ Very quick shipping and great selection
http://www.taotealeaf.com Local for me but fantastic service for shipping
http://www.yuuki-cha.com I get my Japanese teas here. FAST shipping _ they suprise me very time
http://www.yunnansourcing.com great selection of pu-er and other rare amazing teas _

Dexter3657 said

Love Tao Tea Leaf. Not allowed to go to the Yunnan Sourcing site, I would get in too much trouble – amazing selection of pu’erh. Yuuki I’ve heard good things about but I’m not really into Japanese teas. That leaves Camellia Sinensis, if they made your list with those other companies, I HAD to check them out. Wow, their site looks great. I’m definitely placing an order from them. Thanks for posting this.

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