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Autumn comes, and what tea you have prepared for this cool and dry season?

The tradition Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Ancient Chinese poets often recited poetries to express emotion of the moon, like Su Shi, who loved tea very much. His favorite tea is a Fujian Oolong tea called Miyunlong Da Hong Pao (密云龙大红袍).

We’ve known about Su Shi’s favor. Yet with an exciting curiosity, what is your favorite tea? In this dry, crisp autumn, what tea you’d prefer to brew in your cup?

We wish to hear the voice from every tea lover on Steepster. Please write below to tell us what your favor is!

You can also participate in the Giveaway on our site: http://www.teavivre.com/news/autumn-tea-giveaway-questionnaire/.

We have prepared 10 Oolong Tea Sampler Pack as gifts for the lucky ones in the Giveaway.

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Uniquity said

Entered, whee!

TeaVivre said

Thanks, good luck :)

Sil select said

entered as well! :)

TeaVivre said


I have entered too :) Good luck all.

TeaVivre said

Good luck:)


TeaVivre said


Huey Tan said

Just celebrated “mid autumn festival” here as well…
Too late for the entry I believe but just wanted to share my favorite Fujian Oolong “Tia Guan Yin” from my mom’s own personal stash…

The “Ming Jia Dian Cang (Ming Dian Cha Li)” gourmet “Tia Guan Yin”.
Awesome stuff.

Still fragrant after 7 brews like they say…

TeaVivre said

That’s sad, i think we should keep the giveaway longer, so you can take part in it. Tie Guan Yin is my favorite one.

I didn’t notice this post when it was new, too bad. I’ve been meaning for so long to order from TeaVivre, I’m slacking! lol.

Im currently enjoying a roasted dong ding and I got to thinking that it is the perfect tea for early autumn. It has floral notes that are accompanied by a pleasant roastiness. It’s just like the season now, where the vegetation and flowers are still out there, but autumn is gradually taking over.

TeaVivre said

The roasted dong ding has smooth and soft, full and profound flavor with sweet roasting taste. It’s suitable for autumn.

Katiek said

Currently drinking caramel/vanilla – perfect for autumn.

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