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+ ROUND TWO USA 'Here's Hoping' teabox - SIGNUPS now CLOSED for round two! USA only

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Ellyn select said

Hey all:

The box was hiding in the shed thingey next to my back door. I think a different mail-person must have delivered it and to be nice they hid it from the elements – but also from me!

It was tucked away from the elements and the days it spent outside were not (tooo) cold or (tooo) hot.

Can’t wait to play with all the tea and send it on its way!

Ellyn select said

SORRY ALL, wrong post, wrong box.

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Ellyn – are you sure the box you got is the Here’s Hoping teabox? I thought Fuzzy Peachkin didn’t mail it yet. Are you participating in multiple teaboxes and getting them confused?

Ellyn select said

WHOOPS. I must be after fuzzy peachkin in several boxes and I was moving quick and posted here. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION ALL!

No problem! So many awesome teaboxes going around.. :D

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bumping this up!

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Well, I guess Fuzzy_Peachkin sent the teabox and the delivery confirmation says it got to Ellyn a while ago, but I haven’t had a reply from my message to Ellyn. Maybe it’s hiding in that shed thingy again? :D

I was just wondering where the box was. I hope it made it to Ellyn safely. Even though I have a ton of tea in my cupboard I love being able to try new teas from the tea box. :)

Ellyn select said

I GOT I GOT IT I GOT IT! I thought I had already posted that I received it. I will be sending this to the next person asap!

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DigniTea has asked to be skipped for now! I’ll update the shipping list.

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I just sent Ellyn a message asking about the box… it has been a while.

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To update everyone: No responses from Ellyn. Hope she is okay anyway. Veronica is ready for the teabox, but I asked yappychappy if he was still interested in getting the teabox (since it has been a while since it started), I’m not getting a reply from him either. I will probably do a third round if this gets back to me, but that’s if.

Oh, I hope Ellyn is ok and the box is not lost. :(

Ellyn has sent me a message saying the teabox will be on the move! Better late than never. :D

moraiwe said

Hooray! Definitely better late than never. Glad to see it didn’t end up getting lost.

Woot! I’m excited!

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