malomorgen said

Could you recommend me some yummy teas produced in USA

Well i’ve tried to order some of the teas that are rather popular on Steepster to Croatia but it’s often mission impossible or just too expensive. But i got my uncle comin in from the States soon so they can bring me some. Could you recommend me some yummy teas that are made by USA based companies? Some of those kinds that you can’t easily find all over the world. They don’t have to be all weird blends – it can be just a extremely good Gold Junan or something (just said the first plain tea that crossed my mind). But particular teas are welcome…
Thanks steepsters ;)

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Rabs said

As I thought about this today a question did occur to me: is your uncle willing to order things online, or is he hoping to pick things up at a store?

malomorgen said

i would order and pay online just have it shipped to cousins place in NYC

Rabs said

I’m so excited for you! I just spent some time checking out your notes and I don’t know how much we’d have in common taste-wise. But for oolongs, definitely get some from Life in Teacup, especially their An Xi Tie Guan Yin Grade II modern green style which has received my only 100 so far. They have tons of samples and combined samplers to give you a better understanding of oolongs (and pu erhs too).

If you’d like to try an excellent smoky tea then I’d recommend Upton Tea Imports’ Black Dragon Lapsang Souchong. They probably have some other really great teas as well, but this is their only tea that I’ve tried so far (it was a sample) and I want more of it badly. Very badly.

I’m rather new to teas myself, so I’m a bit nervous to recommend more. I’m such a floral nut and after reading your reaction to Jasmine (which yes, there are some horrible jasmines out there) I’m hesitant to recommend any florals.

Tea Guys has a wonderful sweet tea called Maple Sugar and I really like their Evening Escape as well.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions or clarification on anything!

I second Life in Teacup teas!

malomorgen said

weee exactly what kind of advice i was hoping for. the first two sound very good. i love comparing various basic teas like oolongs or black teas. fruity ones i keep mostly for evenings when it’s better to avoid too much cafeine… goin to check websites of these companies and ‘perve’ your tea logs a bit ;)
thanks Rabs…

Rabs said

Hooray! I look forward to finding out what you decide to order, and then reading your reviews :D

malomorgen said

from Life in Teacup i ordered all 3 Introductory Sample Sets. figure its best to start. so that covers oolong’s and pu-ehr’s.
from Upton i ordered like 10 samplers, mostly black but also some rooibos, honeybush, a japanese green, a raw pu ehr and a white.
on top of that i ordered the 31 sampler set from GoldenMoonTea. saw their teas had very good ratings here. TeaGuys i skipped cuz they dont allow foreign billing addres. that makes it too complicated. dont wanna bug the relatives more.
that should kinda do it for this summer lol. keep me entertained and well stocked (which i kinda already am). gotta call and warn the cousin before she freaks with all the shipments coming in…
thanks again. more recommandations are welcome. i’ll keep them in mind for the future.

I posted above before I got to this post below. Looking forward to reading your tealogs on the LiT sample sets. I’m planning on getting some more samples from LiT as soon as I clear my cupboard out some.

Also, curious/nosy, what’s living in Croatia like? Off of Greece, right? I’m really bad with geography. Are you American? How did you end up there? Feel free not to answer this if you don’t want. =)

Cofftea said

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but you should try American Classic Tea. It’s the only tea made from the only tea plantation in America- The Bigelow plantation In Charleston, SC.

malomorgen said

interesting. shall try someday…

You could also try one of the Hawaii grown teas — some are very highly rated on Steepster. As an example, check out

I’m not clear from your note whether you’re looking for teas that are readily accessible in the US vs. teas actually produced here vs. teas that are blended here. There are many more in the first category than the second, as the US isn’t a big tea growing location. Many teas are blended here, but not many are grown here. And many, many are accessible here, mostly through e-commerce. Can you clarify what category interests you?

malomorgen said

noted Hawaii. thanks :D
i was primarily thinking of teas made by companies that either don’t ship worldwide or they do but for high shipping rates. but don’t wont you to explore that now :D any good tea sold in USA is welcome. if i can have it shipped normally even better ;)

I’m a big fan of Harney & Sons teas, especially flavored ones. It looks like they do ship worldwide, but I know they’re based in New York so shipping would be quick and cheap to NYC. Their website is here and reviews on Steepster here

malomorgen said

thanks :)

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