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52teas said

Got some Sheng Pu Er for a VIT blend--what flavor?

I admit it. I’m not a Pu Er drinker. Mostly because I’m more of an iced tea drinker really. But I got a couple of pounds of a quality Sheng Pu Er from my importer this last order and I’m wondering What flavors would go with it.

I have a friend that wants a chocolate mint Pu Er. But I wanted to put it up for discussion here and see what you guys think.

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I have not seen a sheng pu’er blend ever, so this will be super cool! Often, it’s been shu pu’er. This’ll be tough!

Hmmm, though it kind of depends on the aging of the sheng pu’er. If it’s a newer one, good chance you can treat it similar to a green or white in flavor pairing. Thinking to my sheng pu’er collection, there’s stone fruit notes, creamy, and smokey. Maybe flavoring that would last a good deal of resteeps (if possible) or not take away when resteeped a bunch.

If I were to blend one of my sheng pu’ers, I’d do like plum/apricot/persimmon/floral/cheesecake/pudding/cake batter.. ooo pluot?

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I think I would like the mint chocolate pu-erh … but I find myself in agreement with Awkward Soul too … the fruity flavors would be nice as well.

Since it’s been my experience that it’s difficult to find two pu-erhs that are alike … I mean, there might be similar characteristics but, the nuances are often different from one to another, I think I would taste a bit of the pu-erh straight (and try it hot, Frank! LOL) and see what flavors are coming out when you try it, and go from there. Determine what flavors will complement the pu-erh. That’s what I would do. :)

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How about Whisky flavour? I would sooooo love that

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ashmanra said

Lupicia has an amazing chocolate strawberry, but I am fairly sure it is shu. I guess I would need to know the flavor profile of the sheng to guess what flavor would go well with it. Most people do love chocolate mint, though!

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Lala said

I recently saw a cinnamon flavoured sheng at a local tea store. It smelled like sweet cinnamon candies, I didn’t buy any to try though. Might be nice to do a Christmas/fall type tea with those kinds of spices.

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ashmanra said

I bet caramel or honey flavor would be fantastic!

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Jillian said

Anything chocolate seems to go well with pu’erh.

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