Atlantis said

What tea do you drink most of?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of establishing a boutique, ethically-sourced, loose-leaf tea company. I’m looking to start with around 20 teas and so would love to get feedback on which teas you would see as being vital to start with. We are looking to supply a range of black, green, oolong, white, pu erh, herbal and rooibos. We’ll be including blends and flavoured products too.

What particular tea/s do you drink most of? What do you believe should be a staple of every tea company?

Thanks everyone,


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Uniquity said

Solid unflavoured Chinese blacks for me. Black dragon pearls get bonus points, but the quality needs to be there.

unflavored Taiwanese Oolong, green and darker roasted.

Usually rooibos, and now some oolongs and Japanese greens

Specific- vanilla and dessert flavoured rooibos. Masala chai blends (various base teas).
Fruit flavoured or spiced black teas. Green- either jasmine or genmaicha.

yyz said

I go through phases, mostly blacks (all sorts), but sometimes oolongs, and occasionally greens with some whites.

Dr Jim said

My favorites are Darjeeling (mostly 2nd flush), Oolong, and Keemun in that order.

I drink mostly black tea, all types, both plain and flavored.

I also go through phases. I think overall I drink more green tea, though it sometimes switches up with darker oolongs and pu’er.

moraiwe said

I’m another who goes through phases, but the things I’m always willing to drink are Darjeeling (2nd flush) and the greener rolled Oolongs. Otherwise I bounce around a good bit.

Atlantis said

Thanks for all the great responses. What specific teas would you see as must-haves? For me, I always have a steady supply of Irish Breakfast, Ginseng Oolong and Jasmine Dragon Pearls at home, but would love to hear what your specific must-haves are.

Perhaps to attract tea newbs (like myself), some fruity blends and/or dessert teas?

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