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Dowwie said

Ordering Teas from AliExpress

Has anyone ordered teas directly from China through AliExpress or Ebay? I’ve placed small orders twice and am not comfortable with the entire exchange because of price/quality concerns. What have your experiences been thus far?

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sandra said

I have…what should concern you the most (if you are in Europe) is the very strict regulations when it comes to pesticides. If these % exceed the max. your tea will will never make it inside. (tea from Japan/China)

experiences with green tea better than with black tea (received some awful blended ’’ darjeeling" that went almost straight into the bin …)

some on ebay/aliexpres are o.k and/or excellent, but some players simply sell garbage or say it’s a Ceylon or Darjeeling, when, in fact, it is not.

I guess it’s on a hit or miss basis . … ( found some great sellers on the German ebay site though that I now and then use..

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yyz said

I’ve ordered on both and for the most part I’ve had good experiences. I’ve only bought Chinese teas, during these transactions. What I have noticed is that there can be a wide distribution of cost for the same teas on aliexpress and it’s worth doing some searches for price comparisons. I have a few rules for the most part. I usually only buy from buyers who are able to answer my questions about the teas clearly and competently. If they seem to have a formula answer that has little or nothing to do with the tea in question I won’t buy. If they have a taobao site it’s often worth going to as the information is often more accessible there ( if you have a translator) and the reviews are often more honest. On aliexpress usually anything under 5 stars suggest there was some problem with the transaction. So far the teas I’ve received have been of the quality I’ve expected based on the pictures and the information available and many of them have been very nice.

So far I’ve I have had two orders cancelled, one was because the item was out of stock ( the main business of this company is wholesale not retail). The second was because the store owner had a warehouse fire and lost all of their stock.

The nice thing with aliexpress are that the funds are held back on aliexpress until you confirm that you have received and are happy with the item. In case of cancellations before the product is sent your money is returned within a few days of the cancellation.

This experience has allowed me to try teas that are not available in Canada, and so far I’ve enjoyed the experience.

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mrmopar said

If you need a reputable vendor on Aliexpress contact me and I will give you a couple of good ones.

LowInFat said

Hey; just found this thread and I would love to know some of the more reputable vendors.

mrmopar said

What are you looking for? I know some good sellers on Ebay and Aliexpress. I just followed you and if you follow me we can message to each other.

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Jensen said

Any recommendation of Good sellers with good product on aliexpress ?

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