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How to get the smell out of plastic Smart Tea Maker...

Help! I brewed a cup of Samurai Chai in my Teavana tea maker this morning, and in my hurry to leave for work, I forgot to rinse the tea leaves out. Now, even after washing several times, it smells strongly of cinnamon. What can I use to get the smell out?? Thanks :)

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Lala said

You can try soaking with a denture tablet, or using baking soda paste, or a mix of baking soda and vinegar.

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Dr Jim said

You don’t want to use baking soda and vinegar together: adding the acid to the base will cause a strong (and messy) reaction. If you google “baking soda and vinegar” google will add “volcano”. Not a good combination!

Lala said

It could cause a volcano. But I guess it does depend on the container. I use this a lot for cleaning stains, to me it works just like a denture tablet. But if the space you are mixing it into is too confined, it may cause an explosive volcano. If it is more of an open container it will mostly just turn into a mound of fizz and not so much explode.

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I generally use baking soda and vinegar, the volcano effect is fun to watch :) you’ll just need to let it air out for awhile to let the vinegar smell dissipate.

You can also use cream of tartar and a little water, and scrub the sides and filter really well. This also works well for removing stains.

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When this happens to my ingenuitea, I pull the filter out, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the unit, set the filter back (but don’t push it back into place) then sprinkle more on top of the filter. I think I may go a bit overboard, but I figure it can’t hurt. Then if I’m in a hurry to make more tea right away, I’ll add hot water and scrub everything. Otherwise I’ll just pour boiling water in to the top and let it sit until it cools. Then a quick scrub, another scrub with dish soap and no smell. Plus it’s cleaner now. Lol.

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