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Kiaharii said

Where do you buy your Darjeelings? What are you favorites?

Hullo Steepsterites.
I’ve recently gotten into drinking more Darjeeling (and by that I mean finally drinking and appreciating the 2 that I have). I put in an order to Upton for the the sampler of some 2013 first flushes from a few estates. I was wondering where everyone got theirs from and some favorites.

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keychange said

So glad to meet another Darjeeling lover! admittedly I’ve only tried one, but I’m so in love with it and am so disappointed that the art of Tea is out of that batch (they say that the new one is incredible, although it’s a bit risky to order a bunch, as shipping to Canada is a bit pricey). I love love love their biodynamic Darjeeling. I’ve also just ordered the Tea Merchant’s Biodynamic Darj, in the hopes that it’s similar to the one I fell in love with. We’ll see though!

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moraiwe said

Thunderbolt Tea. They ship worldwide directly from India, so you have to get a good deal of tea to account for the shipping charges (pretty sure 75+ is free to the states though).

I haven’t had one I’ve been disappointed in, but I like first flush Darjeeling from the Arya estate and second flush from the Giddpahar estate best.

I’m another one that can recommend Thunderbolt Tea. Darjeeling is a favourite of mine and they have some amazing teas. It can be expensive but they do clearance offers and bundle buys.


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Dr Jim said

I’ve bought a lot of Darjeeling from Upton with good results. However, I also really love their Nepal teas (esp TM56 Mist Valley). The Nepal tea is very similar to 2nd flush Darjeeling.

I recently placed an order with Thunderbolt and am loving the tea (with the exception of the Arya Topaz oolong). They are currently running a sale with 50% off 2012 1st flush and 30% off 2012 2nd flush teas. 2011 teas are also on sale, but getting a bit long in the tooth. WRT shipping, $75 is free shipping, but $80 is free air mail, which is faster. This info is a bit hard to find on the website; I discovered it when I checked out my order.

ifjuly said

Agreed that some of Upton’s Nepali teas are surprisingly good! Was just about to post that, ha.

I’ve searched the boards before, or maybe just read old notes or something, but I remember people recommending darjeelingtealovers as well as Thunderbolt. And someone here, Excelsior maybe?, adores Mariage Freres first flush darjeelings.

moraiwe said

Thank you for the information on the shipping. I was commenting from my phone and mostly just running off memory!

Republic of Tea has an awesome green Nepalese tea (Jun Chiyabari Evergreen) in their rare collection that reminds me a lot of Darjeeling (first flush, though) too, actually.

Kiaharii said

Thanks for the info!

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Javan said

I have particularly enjoyed the darjeelings from the Makaibari estate which I found at Silver Tips Tea. You can see them here: http://www.silvertipstea.com/fusionecommerce/browse/Darjeeling/. What a great group of teas to explore!

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yyz said

Capital Tea Ltd in Canada has a nice selection of Darjeelings

They offer free shipping over $35.00 If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area and $4.00 shipping otherwise.

Free shipping over $49.00 for other places in Canada with shipping rates dependent on where you live.

and Free shipping over $75.00 to the US with $10.00 shipping otherwise. They ship internationally and offer 20g sample sizes.

Dexter3657 said

This is the 2nd time in the last couple of days I’ve seen a recommendation for this site. Hadn’t heard of them before. I see an order in the near future….

sherubtse said

Yes, Capital Tea is a good source for Darjeelings, and other subcontinental blacks. I have ordered from them numerous times.

Best wishes,

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Happy Earth Tea and Norbu are usually my go to’s

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I’ve heard good things about this place


Darjeelings aren’t hard to come-by so you should be able to find them everywhere and anywhere. I’d also strongly suggest checking out some Nepalese tea.

Avoid Makaibari Tea Estate, as I’ve never had a good experience drinking them.

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sandra said

another darjeeling lover here. (also great fan of Nepal tea)
buy mine from various webstores, both domestic (Netherlands), as well as from other websites within Europe.
Happy Valley 2nd flush is my staple tea. Also try to get my hands on rare 1st flushes, that I can order via a local tea lover. She has a teashop here in town, and will try to find rare teas for anyone interested.

also order from http://www.edeltee.de/schwarzer-tee/1/darjeeling-schwarztee.html

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Excelsior said

I’ve bought darjeeling teas from countless retailers and I keep going back to Mariage Freres yet was underwhelmed by the 2013 first flush teas. Ordered FF Bloomfield, Arya, Sivitar, Moondakotee, Happy Valley, Jungpana, Namring, Namring Upper, Ambootia, Chamling, Castleton, and Margaret’s Hope. While they are all exceptional, I expect more from Mariage, superior taste, flavor, and quality than what other retailers and salons can offer. Even my perennial favorite Margaret’s Hope fell short. My current order and what I am drinking now are their Vintage 2012 FF Darjeeling’s and they are really really good. Supposedly their Vintage teas are the best out of their best. It’s not listed on their website and they don’t advertise these teas due to their limited supply but they exist and they do carry them. These leaves were picked a year and a half ago and they have lost none of their flavor and taste. My answer is 2012 Vintage FF Castleton and Magaret’s Hope from Mariage Freres.

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sherubtse said

I am surprised that no one has mentioned Camellia-Sinensis:


Kevin Gascoyne, one of the partners of the firm, is a noted Darj expert.

Best wishes,

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