Las Vegas Tea!?

I didn’t want to step on the other topic’s toes RE: The Expo since this is stand alone…

Since I can’t make Las Vegas until Mid Sept – I was wondering WHERE one could go for Tea “Year Round” in Vegas (when I do go!?) Any suggestions!!!!?

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Not sure but would love to see everyones reply. Good question.

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oh yes please and NV fans let us know! i’ll be at Defcon late July (27-Aug1) and would love to have some tea!

LUCKY!!! :)
Between that and the Tea Expo I wish I could go earlier!

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Janefan said

looks like there are, theoretically, a few tearooms in Vegas. But no reviews yet :-(

There’s a Four Seasons hotel with afternoon tea – I’ve read a few reviews of the afternoon tea at other locations and it sounds amazing (if you like British style)

you’ll want to check out a few of these places before you visit, some of them, (like tea planet, for instance) is a boba tea (bubble tea) place – which isn’t a bad thing – but maybe not exactly what you might be expecting.

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I think there was or at least used to be a Teavana in the Fashion Mall…does anyone know about any others!?

Miss Sweet said

It still lists it on their website as a store location (as well as at Las Vegas Town Square) so it must still be there! At least there’s one place to get a tea fix :)

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