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100% FREE Matcha

I got a crazy idea to offer FREE flavored matcha. Totally, 100% FREE. FREE matcha, FREEshipping. No gimmicks, no requirements. No reviews to write, no links to post.
Your cost $0. Things needed to qualify – 0.
It will be different flavor each month. Limit 1 matcha per customer per month. 15g each pack. Enough for a few tries.
I’m working on an option for you to be able to pick between flavored matcha or flavored matchaccino.
My question to you is:
What flavor would you like me to start with?
Vote here on Steepster and the flavor with most votes will win :-)

158 Replies
Helena said

That will be awesome! I think it should start with caramel since it’s the most popular

Helena said

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Uniquity said

Caramel for me as well. I find some of the fruit ones to come out chemical tasting at higher concentrations, so I would suggest you go for a lower flavouring level for these introductory samples, maybe.

It will be basic. The idea is that if you like the basic and want more or with options, the paid version will be available.

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Cavocorax said

Whaaaat? That sounds too good to be true!

Also, if we’re willing to pay a little for shipping, would Canadians be allowed to participate? (Because if I don’t ask, someone else will). If it’s a small flat package, you might be able to mail it for under $5…

Cavocorax said

Also, my vote would be for Gingerbread because by the time this starts, it might be the perfect season for it.

And the idea of gingerbread matcha lattes makes me giddy.

Uniquity said

Brilliant suggestion! I imagine that a slim flat packet of matcha could probably go as lettermail to Canada, couldn’t it? Maybe in a padded envelope? Hope so!

Yes, my Canadian friends will qualify as well :-)

Cavocorax said

Thank you – I will immediately tell a bunch of Canadians about this. :P

Vanitea said

Yay! Canadians aren’t left out! :’D Gingerbread sounds amazing.

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moraiwe said

Gingerbread sounds like a great idea to me too because of the season! :)

If you are thinking of seasons, maybe Pumpkin for Thanksgiving and Ginger Bread for Christmas?

Cavocorax said

That would be fantastic!

That sounds great!

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I wouldn’t mind Caramel! What a great offer!

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That sounds awesome! I’d have to agree with the caramel since it sounds like a pretty good one to start with. Or maybe one of the vanilla ones? Or just a desserty one in general? Lol.
Oh man, so excited for this.

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Lala said

I think you should do either new flavours, or maybe flavours that are not as popular. That way people would be able to get to sample flavours they may not have normally tried. And it might boost sales of those flavours. Just a thought.

In regards to popular flavours, I really like French vanilla, and cola.

Sil select said

I agree with this one, if only to help you promote some of your flavours that are either new or you don’t see as many people buying because they don’t want to commit.

I will not use flavors that not many people buy it at first. The reason is that hopefully a lot of new people will give matcha a try with this new program. If they like it, there’s a chance some will come back to try other flavors as well. If they don’t, there is a big chance they may thing that all other flavors are not that good either and will not buy anything more.

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Lariel select said

I haven’t try any of your matcha yet, but I say mangosteen.

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Nice plan! I’d love to try banana cream.

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OMGsrsly said

I also vote gingerbread. But caramel would also be a good option.

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