Best grocery store tea

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S said

Twinings English Breakfast, Twinings Earl Grey, Tazo Chai, and Stash Chai are all yummy :)

I haven’t had very good luck with Celestial Seasonings because of all the hibiscus they use :( but their packaging is cute!

Britt☮ said

I LOVE Stash Chai Green Tea :)

VegTea said

Is hibiscus the “zinger” in all of the various “Something Zinger” flavors? I’ve been sort of tired of those lately, but I used to like them.

S said

Yes, I think so. I can’t stand hibiscus anymore…it just masks the flavor of the other ingredients.

There are some blends with hibiscus that are blended well. Hibiscus is good because it adds some body and some tart (as well as some nutrients), but, too much is too much, and a carefully blended balance is necessary. I am not a big fan of hibiscus either… but, sometimes, I do encounter a blend with hibiscus that was blended well enough so that the hibiscus does not dominate.

VegTea said

Hmm. Interesting. I think I can buy hibiscus at a local shop, so I might get some to try in herbal tea blends.

if anyone, like me, adores hibiscus… YUM! drop one in some tea as a sweetener & decoration!

Cofftea said

A swagbucks company even:)

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