TeaNovice said

Decaf Teas

I am a tea novice and only drink tea in the evening after dinner. I am looking for some good tasting decaf tea. Do you all have any recommendations? Please include where you order the tea from.

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ifjuly said

if you’re ok with dessert flavored types, i’ve really enjoyed a ton from butiki lately. some others too…

della terra lemon chiffon
butiki mango lassi rooibos (really good!)
butiki coconut cream pie rooibos
butiki peppermint patty herbal (like the gooey inside of a junior mint)
persimmon tree mint chocolate chip rooibos (tastes like grasshopper ice cream to me)
utopia rooibos root beer
butiki root beer float honeybush
american tea room choco-late (tastes like cheap packets of swiss miss)
townshend’s tea dark forest chai (when made with hot milk not just boiling water, smells like a cinnamon sugar cake donut, yum!)

i recall also digging lupicia orange kidd and american tea room earl grey rooibos.

harney and sons vanilla comoro gets thrown around a lot as a rec for ok-tasting decaf tea that tries to taste like real/standard black tea. it is a little watered down tasting as pretty much all decaf teas tend to be, but not as much as most.

and i’ve enjoyed most herbal and rooibos takes on provence lavender, from various sellers (new mexico tea company, i forget who else).

Dr Jim said

My go-to tea in the evening is Harney’s Vanilla Comoro.

You might want to look at Adagio. They have a wide variety of decaf teas with 0.8 oz samples for $2. You can buy a bunch and figure out which ones you like. My personal favorites are Mango, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Upton tea makes a good unflavored green decaf (China green decaf). I like it better than Harney’s decaf sencha, which is also fairly good.

None of these teas are as good as their caffeinated equivalent, but they are quality teas that won’t keep you up all night.

Della Terra- Lemon Chiffon, Lime Chiffon, Orange and Cream
Davids Teas- Mint Chocolate rooibos, Creme Brulee, Alpine Punch

Definitely Vanilla Comoro from Harney and Sons – doesn’t even feel like I’m drinking a decaf in my opinion. It’s great!

VariaTEA said

I am also fairly new to teas and I have tested out a fair bit of herbals and rooibos teas from Davids and Teavana. So far my favorite is probably Jessie’s Tea which comes from Davids

I guess it depends on what you are looking for as a suggestion, as a decaf tea is a tea without decaf. But like VariaTea said above there are other tisane options without caffeine.

I find myself sipping on these late at night to be honest as the variety you can get adds a new nice twist to every night whether it is green rooibos, red rooibos, chamomile, honeybush, hibiscus, lemongrass, peppermint and all the other drinks you can have without caffeine.

Sometimes I do find myself craving a nice earl grey though so I usually have a decaf on hand and just add more tea to the brew to ensure a nice strong drink.

Dustin said

Lupica has a few decaf versions of their caf flavors as well as some rooibos blends. The cherry was pretty good. I visited a shop tho, so I can’t help with online ordering.

TeaNovice said

Wow, thanks for all the great recommendations, very helpful. I really appreciate it.

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