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Top 10 Black Teas RATED on Steepster - Which Ones Have You Tried?

42 Replies
Meghann M said

Of the 10 I’ve only tried the Simple Leaf-Dawn. I better get to work!

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I have tried Dawn.

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I too have tried Dawn as well as Almond Cookie from SpecialTeas.

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Cait select said

I think it’s pretty cool that there are ten different tea companies there are in that top ten! It’s great that there are so many ways to get ahold of excellent tea — and now, I should! I’ve never had any of those teas….

Cofftea said

9/10 top chais are from different companies (2 Rishi)- one is even LiberTEAS!=D 9/10 Top greens are different companies too. It’s good to know so many companies sell freakishly awesome tea (although now w/ wholeselling being discussed here I’m less impressed), but it woud be even more awesome, I think, if one companie totally stole the show for one (or more!) categories.

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Out of curiosity, I just learned that 36 hours later the Top 10 Black/Black-flavored Teas remain the same and in the same order.

Jillian said

You do have to wonder sometimes if the ratings are being subtly boosted by company employees. ⌐_⌐

Just took another LOOK and it switched for today!
Here are the top 10 for today:
Hawaii-Grown Black
Makai Black
Almond Cookie
Ntingwe Kwazulu
Giddaphar Musk 2nd Flush
Vanilla Comoro
Yunnan Golden Buds

Interesting… The list changed 3 days later. Seven of the teas are the same.

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chana said

I haven’t tried any of the list yet…although Dawn is on my shopping list. I know some of the companies don’t ship overseas, I’ll just have to start investigating which of them do. (Like I don’t have enough tea in my cupboard! lol)

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Suzi said

I haven’t had any of them! Horrors!
But I haven’t been drinking much tea lately. Our kitchen’s being remodeled and most of my tea is all packed up in boxes somewhere.

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Lori said

Dawn and Mountain Malt and Almond Cookie- loved them all..

I want to try the Hawai tea next…

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SoccerMom said

I’ve only tried Dawn. I want to try the Hawaiian one and The Simple Leaf’s Mountain Malt soon though. When I am off my self imposed tea ordering restriction. :)

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Auggy said

Darn, I’m only at 50% with Hawaii-Grown Black, Almond Cookie, Makai Black (due to freshness, this one does taste a little different from the Samovar version), Dawn and Yunnan. But I have Bogart and Mountain Malt on my ‘to try’ list so maybe one day I’ll get to 70%… before it changes!

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