Creative Tea "Schtuff"

Check this out!
Some really creative and bizarre stuff!!!! Thought you might enjoy!

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Cofftea said

Bad TeaEqualsBliss… bad bad bad BAD BAD! Hehe I LOVE the origami bags… actually they’re almost enough to make me a sole tea bag drinker lol.:) I need to get those cigarettes for my mom.

Bad??? :) I thought they were darned creative!!! And CRAZY but FUN! LOL

Cofftea said

Bad as in I’m going to “have” to buy some of these!

Some very cool tea packaging there… I’ve tried a few of them.

AhnaGrey said

Wow that is some very cool stuff. :]

KaTEA said

I want them ALLLLLLL!!!! How very inventive. I love cool, unique things like that!!!

KaTEA said

Oh ya..find more that was soo fun

Jillian said

Sweet, those are awesome! I like the philosophy that appearence is a vital part of food/drink experience. :D

Cofftea said

I agree- that’s why I’m even considering getting Teavana’s clear chawan even though it’s the furthest thing from authentic lol.

IdentiTEA said

From a marketing standpoint, Tea Forte has the cutest and most creative tea bags and teapots to go with it. However, I just wish their teas tasted better. They should have put a little more into R&D regarding the tea itself… then worked on the packaging. Priorities.

i have to say, i do really enjoy many of their teas, while others i hate, it’s hit or miss and it could be more to do with them heavily using flavors you are not fond of? (they seem to have a thing for ginger, lemongrass, lemon myrtle and licorice)

And TART fruity and fake chocolate. Bleh. I agree tho…there are a few I have enjoyed but many I have not…

I seriously have been doing a few things like this!!! Not very successfully but I have been tinkering! I can do the envelops…just haven’t…I have a Cuttlebug machine that would be BRILLIANT in the creation of these! I am going to try them!

Rabs said

Oooh — I love all of this! I discovered this from the Andrews & Dunham blog:

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