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Erynn said

Shiuwen Tai of Floating Leaves in Seattle keeps a tea blog, though she doesn’t always update very often. She talks about her tea buying trips to Taiwan as well as news from the shop, including schedules for tea tastings.


Janefan said


here’s another good one I just found – Canadian blog focusing on recipes, news, quotes and jokes regarding tea. Lots of unique recipes/cocktails in the past month!

TeaParT said

I follow this blog to get recipes that they feature at their tea parties.

Inn-to-Tea http://terraceavenueinn.com/wordpress/

Sometimes they feature recipes from their B&B also. I’m always on the lookout for company breakfast options and these often feature tea like their Earl Grey Syrup . I would have never thought of it and it was super easy.

PeteG said
TeaCast said

Only one has been recently updated :(

TeaCast said

Sad nobody mentioned my blog :( http://teacast.net

I do video reviews of teas! But other than myself I enjoy

http://lainiesips.com and http://teamuse.com

IdentiTEA said

Aww, TeaCast! No one mentioned mine either… I feel ya!

Here is my blog: http://www.mysteepedidentitea.blogspot.com

TeaCast said

Hahah no love for us!

This is one of the blogs I follow:

I don’t know Japanese but am entirely enchanted by her photos of tea, food and other cute things. I sometimes use google translate to find out what the text is about.

And my own blog:

jennlea said

Might as well add my own:

I write over at Call Me Thirsty: http://www.callmethirsty.com/ It’s a general drink culture blog and so I do cover the wonderful world of Tea!

Might as well pimp mine, amazonv.blogspot.com

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