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xiaoyao said


I am living in China and will be writing regularly about tea and culture. Please check back often as I travel and write.

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WARNING: The following blog contains opinions, anecdotes, and antioxidants, all steeped in more puns than your grandma asked for.


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Beeblebear said

I started a blog only today, so there’s not much on there yet, but it’s going to be mainly focused on two things I love more than…well, more than a lot of other things. Tea, and books. Please feel free to check it out – http://cupsbooks.blogspot.co.uk/

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AJ said

Can’t remember if I ever posted a link to mine the first or second time this thread made its rounds, but I keep a simple blog (more like log) on teatra.de, about anything tea related that can’t be covered in Steepster tasting notes.


Not affiliated with the magazine of the same name, nor the tea retailer of the same name; they’re both just a funny coincidence, brought about by the fact that I sometimes doodle art tangentially related to tea.

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Whoops, the above link to the Snooty Tea Blog doesn’t work anymore. Just a quick bump with the new link: http://snooteablog.com

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