Janefan said

Intermediate Tea Quiz


I got 8 out of 10! A couple were guesses, and some answers were surprising!

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Cofftea said

9 out of 10!

I didn’t know location affected caffeine! (but knew it must be true since the others were true ).

I would have never guessed Turkey had the highest per capita tea drinking population… time for Turkish Iced Tea I guess!:)

What the heck is blue tea?!

Janefan said

I had never the term either until last week. I saw on http://www.newleafbrands.com/products/ (A RTD bottled tea) a category for Blue Tea – here’s their explanation: "Chinese tea masters classified teas into six different families by color. Due to the bluish reflections of the dried Oolong Tea leaf, it is classified as a Blue Tea. "

I still paused on that question though, because there are purple oolongs (someone logged one just this past week I think) but I figured it wasn’t its own category. I suppose it would fall under “blue” since it’s an oolong.

Cofftea said

Yeah I remembered seeing that as well.

I saw oolong is named blue tea at more than a few places. But unless there is other reason, I suspect it’s due to a misunderstanding in translation. Oolong is also called Qing Cha. Qing in Chinese can mean green, blue or black (it’s a complicated character in Chinese). In Qing Cha, it actually means black, not blue (oolong in Chinese means black dragon).

I wasn’t sure of what’s the most popular tea type, chose black tea, and got it correct (I think I saw all these question somewhere else). But I am still not sure if it should be green tea, considering the huge populations in Japan and China :-p

Cofftea said

That would be true… if Japan or China had the highest population of tea drinkers per capita. But then again the Chinese drink a lot of pu erh as well…

Harfatum said

I knew it was black in some corner of my brain, but I put green, thinking of China. But India has close to as many people, and it’s more of a black tea place IIRC.

Yeah that’s true! India has huge population too! And many other black tea drinking countries.

8 outta 10 :) Some answers WERE surprising. I would have never guessed in a million years who the biggest tea drinkers per capita were!!

Meghann M said

Thought I did pretty well with 7/10. Was surprised about Turkey. Didn’t think China would be the lowest per capita.

Harfatum said

I knew Turkey! I’d read it on another messageboard. I have a housemate who is Turkish and he has this sort of double-teapot/kettle thing he uses on the stove to make tea. I think it involves first brewing concentrated tea and then diluting it, like a samovar.

I did so bad :P 4/10 hahaaha.

Adham said

8 out of 10 – missed the Turkey and green tea as most popular tea questions. Hmmm…turkey and green tea – have to try that next Thanksgiving!


and my mom had some blue tea, it tasted like black tea to me

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