KaTEA said

Iced Tea (not the rapper/actor)..HeeHee

As summer approaches, or is well upon us in the midwest humidity, what are some of your favorite teas made into iced tea?

And don’t say Lipton …O.K. you can if you want to ;*)

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Cofftea said

I suggest everyone PM Frank at 52teas and demand he reblend cucumber melon- it’s the best iced tea I’ve EVER had.:)

Other favorites:
LeafSpa’s Honey Vanilla White and Adagio’s Cucumber White (although all whites are fantastic iced- not only because they taste good- but they also help lower body temperature)
Adagio’s artichoke, ginseng, vanilla, spiced, chai and apricot greens
jasmine/rose teas (add jasmine and flower petals to any of your favorite base teas)
ginger teas
Mighty Leaf’s Aloe Serenity

52teas Mayan Chocoalte Chai (works good cold brewed, just stick a paper filter w/ tea milk for an hr and add an equal part water or ice after the hr is up- serve blended if using iced, James Bond Style if using plain water.

A lot of people LOVE iced matcha- I just happen not to- unless the cold liquid (no ice) is OJ. I als like equal parts OJ and milk (the only way I like milk w/ matcha, go figure lol)

I have not tried it, but I think equal parts Golden Moon’s White Persian Melon w/ Adagio’s white cucumber

My sign of a good tea is that it’s good at all temps:)

KaTEA said

OMG these sound wonderful, I love Iced tea as well as Hot, and I did not know that white tea lowers body temp!!!!! I am always sweating, people say no you are a girl you glisten, No I Sweat!!! Thank you so much!!

JonTea said

Cucumber Melon Iced Tea!?!?!? Sounds great! I will PM him :)

Cofftea said

Not just great, ABSOFREAKINLUTELY AWESOMELY AMAZING! Just shy of perfect actually:)

Caitlin said

I find twinnings prince of wales tea to make an excellent iced black tea & I agree with cofftea – all whites are excellent iced.

Cofftea said

Even though I am not a non-chai black tea person, I would have to agree w/ Caitlin. I’ve only had it once, but because of it’s sweet nature even hot I suspect it would make a good iced tea and would probably not even require sweetening even if that is your typical routine.

KaTEA said

My favorite so far is stash peach black tea iced, it is to die for on a hot and humid day, nice flavor with out a sweet aftertaste like a sweet tea

Cofftea said

Oh yes, I bet a peach ginger tea would be awesome! Maybe add 1 part (by weight, not measure) dried ginger root to 2 parts (again by weight- I suggest 3g/8oz water) peach flavored white tea.

I generally find that green fruit flavored teas are pretty good iced.

I don’t like to recommend Teavana, but they do have a Thai Iced Tea blend that I love. I serve it similar to the way they would serve iced tea in a Thai restaurant, complete with the sweetened condensed milk. Extremely refreshing. The best part is that this won’t cost me $1.50 like it would every time I stop in at my local Thai restaurant – and during the summer, that can be pretty often. Instead, I keep some of this on hand and enjoy a Thai iced tea whenever I want one.

52Teas has a few awesome honeybush blends that will be quite remarkable as an iced tea, including their Pina Colada. I also look forward to receiving their newest Lemon Honeybush blend – I’m guessing it’s going to be amazing as an iced tea.

Cofftea said

I agree- fruit flavored greens are much better than fruit flavored whites. Those are the only whites I wouldn’t recommend iced. But then again I don’t care for them hot either. They taste too much like hot or cold kool-aid for my taste. I’m really picky about my flavored teas- I must be able to taste the tea base.

VegTea said

My favorite is jasmine mint green tea. I make it from a 50:50 ratio of jasmine green and mint green teas. I use loose leaf Cameron’s brand, but probably anything with those flavors would work. I would guess the mint is peppermint, if you wanted to add some mint to jasmine green tea instead.

KaTEA said

Oh, now that sounds FABULOUS!!!

JonTea said

Something Fruity and bold!
What I mean by that is something that has a very pronounced flavor and or something fruity and summery that would be great without the additional sugar.

Forever Nuts ( Davids Tea ) was great iced because it had a bold nutty alomndy pecanny flavor and iced just made some of those flavors explode in a good way! It’s also bright pink, so when I asked the guys from Davids tea, Why bright pink, how did that happen, they said because they steep it with Beetroot juice ! Which you dont taste but its still awesome and looks like pink lemonade!

Last summer ( wayyyy before I found out about steepster) I enjoyed Garden Aria White Tea by Teavana – I LOVE FRUITY WHITE TEAS ICED! like whites just are meant to be iced for me. love love love them!

Those are my top two!

KaTEA said

The forever nuts sounds fantastic, & I lOVE PINK!!! My favorite color and the color of my bathroom. I will try this.

Ewa select said

Ooh, I bet you’d like 52teas black currant bai mu dan! It’s just BRIMMING with the taste of the black currant and it is super good iced!

Joker said

Gonna sound like a barbarian here, but I really like Snapple Iced peach black tea. How can that taste be replicated at home?

Cofftea said

A black peach flavored tea and simple syrup to taste?

i love this tea too (:

I think the Celestial Seasonings Zinger collection are all pretty great when cold brewed. I don’t like them hot because the hibiscus wants to be all pushy and tart, but when cold brewed the hibiscus is nicely tame and sweet.

KaTEA said

how interesting that the potency of hibiscus changes so from cold brew to hot brew, I never thought of the taste changing in that way, I will have to try it

Cofftea said

I would think it would get stronger like cayenne does… or maybe the cayenne just got stronger cuz the other flavors were weaker?

I was afraid of it being stronger also, but in my limited experience cold brewing a few of the Celestial Seasonings blends I’ve found it to calm the tartness down a bit. Or it may have to do with the amount of water vs amount of bags in my pitcher. Either way, the Tangerine Zinger is probably the best one cold.

i adore raspberry zinger / lipton mix for iced teas :)

I find that the cold temperature kills a lot of nuance in the flavor of the tea, so I generally stick to Luzianne black or green tea. However, I like to play with my tea. I made a mango vanilla syrup recently for a cake I was making, and used the leftover syrup to sweeten a jug of white tea, brewed with peppermint from my garden. I added frozen mango chunks with the ice to cool it. I also like to puree honeydew melon, strain it, and add the juice to green tea. I like Cofftea’s suggestion of cucumber melon – I may try adding some cucumber in with my next batch of melon tea. Pineapple sage tea mixed with a little pineapple juice is wonderful, too.

KaTEA said

all of this sounds so yummy!!

Lori said

Those are some great ideas!

That’s a handsome little beagle you’ve got there, ma’am!

KaTEA said

Thanks, your little tail wagger is one happy lookin’ guy, and just so we keep this on the subject my dog will go crazy for a Cha Cha Chai from Baristas, Spiced Chai, cookie dough flavor, and vanilla flavor. He has a sweet tooth!! What am I talkin’ about, he has an everything tooth, he’s a beagle!!

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